The 2012 Prophecy ~ Making it Real!

By Eden Sky

"The accurate content of the message for the Maya Prophecy for our times is that the date of December 21, 2012 is nothing more than a general marker, a specific date that infact indicates a whole era, an era of hope, an era of opportunity - the opportunity to re-establish a sense of community amongst all humans of this planet..." -From The Maya Taino Prophecy Initiative, led by Maya Elder Antonio Aj Ik and Taino Elder Miguel Sague -

December 21, 2012 marks the Shifting of World Ages, a return to zero point, where we officially transition from the current 5,125 year World Age Cycle, and enter into a New World Cycle; marking a new level of our unfoldment as a planetary collective; a new level of our human evolution in concert with our living Universe.

If one researches prophecies from ancient cultures, and investigates modern scientific and spiritual decodings of these times we are living in, one will find a whole spectrum of insight, opinions, warnings, facts, theories, and possibilities about where we have come from, and where we are heading. While many pieces of the puzzle match up, plenty of pieces and voices do not align, and in fact contradict one another.

I write this article as someone who has been in this field of investigation and discovery for 17 years and counting, having passionately delved into this realm and taken in information and insights from countless sources. In this personal journey, my intention has been to be informed of various viewpoints, especially those thought to be from the most reputable sources, including indigenous messengers, highly regarded researchers, deeply inspired visionaries, and critically thinking scientists. Upon taking in all of these viewpoints, I then seek to integrate them inside of myself, cross-referencing all the data and voices and applying the discernment of my own intelligence and intuition, that ultimately I can arrive at a synthesis of my own heart's comprehension. It is from this place of what I would call my own "embodiment" that I always attempt to communicate to the world from.

I believe it is ideal for each of us to evolve and refine our own personal embodiment of truth, awareness, and inspiration to guide us from within and to help influence our collective humanity.
Therefore, I do not proclaim to know anything more than anyone else. I am simply interested in sharing the understandings I have come to as they have cultivated within me during years of dedicated exploration, in hopes that they may stimulate deeper levels of your own knowing.

That said, the message I wish to offer to the human family is this:

Let us realize that December 21, 2012 does indeed mark the completion of a vast cycle, and the dawning of a New World Age on Planet Earth. However, let us not naively look to this one day to instantly transform all the far-reaching crises and imbalances we face as a global society.

The World Age we are soon transiting out of has spanned over 5000 years, taking us to this unprecedented point we are now living in on Planet Earth where our world hangs in the balance, teetering between breakdown and breakthrough. December 21, 2012 is a threshold point; a doorway indicated by the Ancient Maya well over a thousand years ago, that will take us into a new domain as a planetary collective. The more of us that are conscious and aware of the significance of this date as a marker of a new World cycle, the more aligned we can be in our intentions and actions to serve as instruments of this transition process, fortifying and inspiring each other upon this unfolding journey of Shifting World Ages.

Solstice 2012 marks a zero point -a simultaneous completion and beginning, called "Creation Day" by the Ancient Maya. From that point, the adventure will continue onward, bringing untold challenges and blessings. As we advance to a new level on the spiral of Time, let us comprehend the vastness of our journey ahead. Each day the mystery deepens, bringing new trials and new awarenesses. There is no pre-determined outcome to our collective story. The essential message of the 2012 Prophecy is that the more we each awaken to our personal contribution to this planetary moment, the greater the possibilities emerge for positive change.

Everyone asks "What's going to happen on December 21, 2012?"

Our human psyche has fixated on this one date, projecting both tremendous fear and tremendous hope. But rather than looking at these monumental times of prophecy from a linear mindset, let us realize that beyond this one infamous date, it is happening now, all around us, and also inside our own selves. As Peter Russell writes: "Rather than a precise date on which major changes happen, I see 2012 as the temporal epicenter of a cultural earthquake."

It is not wise to expect some external, earth-shattering cataclysm or miracle to happen on this one day that proves the reality of this Living Prophecy.

The clarity that December 21, 2012 marks the launching point of a new epoch is not based on proclaiming details of external events. Rather, the opportunity is for as many people as possible to align internally with this understanding, and therefore from an inner alignment of cycles shifting, to help consciously generate and incarnate the dawning of the new era on Earth. Let us contemplate: What can happen in our collective consciousness when each of us really owns the power of our personal contribution to our shared reality?

As Mayan Ajq'ij Denise Barrios writes: "What is the significance of December 21, 2012? It is the end of a cycle in which a subtle change of energy will take place and allow humankind to enter into a more spiritual vibrational state; one of greater consciousness in which we will re-evaluate our priorities and recapture our intimate connection with nature. Some may not even notice this transformation; they may think that December 21 is a day like any other, but a change in energy at the spiritual and sensitive level will take place, and those that are prepared will have no difficulty in recognizing it... Mother Earth - like the living being that she is - will elevate her spiritual condition. That is why humankind, as a manifestation of her evolutionary legacy, will be able to transcend to the next level..." - From "2012: The Door to Transition," printed in "The Energies of the Day for 2012."

Full Speed Ahead ~

Clearly, beyond any specific date, the transformation of World Ages is steadily underway, as we are each witnessing and experiencing massive intensity, acceleration, and change on ALL levels. We can each sense how unique this moment is in our human history, and how unpredictable our future is. As we undergo crises, challenges and tests of all kinds, so too we are enduring unprecedented changes in our Sun and throughout all of Earth's Biosphere. These times are ripe with revolutions, advances in all fields of science and technology, and breakthroughs in human compassion and courage. Our world - and our worldview - is shifting by the day, and we are each helping compose the pages to be written in the new chapter to come.

Ancient Clues ~

The 2012 Prophecy is understood as "The Harmonic Convergence of All Prophecies." In prophetic messages from around the globe which point to these times we are living in, one will find mention of the emergence of such things as: "The Return of Quetzalcoatl," "The Return of Christ Consciousness," "The Return of The Kingdom of Shambhala," "The Return of the Divine Feminine," "The Return of the Star People," "The Return of the Wisdom of the Ancestors," "The Hoop of the Nations Made Whole," "The Return to Living in Harmony with Nature," "The Awakening of the Rainbow Warriors." Other universal themes include: "Everything That has Been Hidden will be Revealed," "The Lifting of the Veils and Merging of Spirit and Matter," "The Dawning of Universal Telepathy," the start of "Heaven on Earth," and our mutation into a new species that transcends Homo Sapiens, emerging into something like the Qu'ero of Peru call "Homo Luminous."

I believe these ancient clues can be understood in a down-to-earth way as pointing to the Awakening of our Human Potential. I find it deeply inspiring that one can find evidence from many traditions around the world that speak of a massive cycle change in which we change our orientation as a species and find our way to exist as a more conscious humanity, opening to yet untapped capacities. However, let us also acknowledge that any of these prophetic callings can easily become distorted or hyped by our modern minds, to where the authentic meanings can be lost or misconstrued. I feel strongly that we need to ground the concepts and visions bestowed by ancient prophecies, and strike a balance between our discerning rationale and our unlimited, imaginative spirits. Let us place no ceiling on what is possible in our evolution, but likewise let us be free of delusion and proclamations that detour us from owning our personal responsibilities in these times of great transformation.

Paradigm Shift ~

To put it simply, it is not the end of the world that is coming, it is the end of a world age. This shifting of World Eras is a cycle change that will steadily shift our human orientation from an ego-based perspective dominated by separation, fear, greed, and destructive, imbalanced tendencies - towards one based in conscious interconnectedness, fueling our tendencies for harmony, compassion, and life-affirming energies and actions. This represents a shift beyond the patriarchal cycle we have been in, sometimes called a "male-dominant linear perspective," into an Age in which masculine and feminine energies and perspectives are balanced, ideally uniting mind and heart, logic and intuition, spirit and matter. The most blatant example of this shift is in re-prioritizing our values and Placing Planet and People over Profits, in true recognition of the intricate, interdependence of the One Web of Life. It is obvious we cannot survive or thrive on this planet without this transformation of our worldview.

Our collective human mentality is not going to change all in one day or one moment, and likewise the shifting of dominant paradigms and modern lifestyles will not be instantaneous. However, knowing this transformation process is underway can give us great perserverence, and motivate us to deeper innovation and the pioneering of new pathways in our own lives and spheres of influence. This Shifting of World Ages can inspire us internally to nurture a deeper compassion, self-love, awareness, and sensitivity to all our relations, and can guide us to more consciously align our actions and participation in the world so we can increasingly find ways to live more in balance with our Biosphere.

We all know that we have inherited what our ancestors gave to us, and we know that we are all affecting the world we will give to our future generations. Every moment and every decision counts, especially now in these crossroads times. We must continue to work to manifest the vision of a world where our living Earth is honored; where Peace is our priority; where the Awakening of our Human Potential and our creative evolution on all levels is nurtured; where all people have wholesome food, clean water, health care, social justice; where the Biosphere of Earth is holistically restored and honored, recognizing all beings as part of the one family of life - from the humans to the animals, to the trees, the seas, the bees, the air, the eagles, the ants, and the mountains alike...till one day we even embrace the stars and galactic whole as part of our living community!

In this process of Shifting World Ages, every aspect of human planetary culture needs to be re-evaluated and questioned to discern how it can be truly life-affirming - from our energy sources, to our food supply, to our modalities of education and conflict resolution, etc, etc, etc! That is why we have to be prepared for the long haul of bringing in a new era, participating physically and spiritually - leaving no stone unturned. We are being called to rise to the occasion and become wise shepards of a fragile new child that will be emerging and growing under our loving care.

"Spiritual realization needs to be integrated with social commitment and direct action... No matter whether we like it or not, each of us is, inevitably, a social and political agent whose smallest actions have a direct influence on other people and the world around us." -Daniel Pinchbeck

The Big Picture: Vision and Action ~

December 21, 2012 will perhaps be the most focused on date by the most amount of people in recorded history. How we think of this day has a creative potency on how it manifests.

As José Argüelles wrote: "The mass interest in 2012, whether fearful or hopeful, is already a shift in consciousness. Something is going to happen. But what that is actually is up to us. We can go into fear or we can generate the kind of positive co-creative script the world needs in order to conclude and regenerate the cycle on a successful evolutionary note... It is not a matter of passively waiting for something to happen. Once one has heard about 2012, one is called to action to help re-define the new reality."

We can conceive of Solstice 2012 to be like a Graduation Day - after which the task is to apply ourselves to our new career of helping shape a new world era with our own hearts and hands.

Let us look to the actual day of December 21, 2012 as a grand day of synchronizing with our human family, conscious of this threshold we are crossing together; a point of no return; a point of celebrating all we have learned, while knowing full well there are endless realms of knowledge to meet through all the experiences to come on the other side of this doorway. On this sacred day, let us meet in heart with each other and align with our positive vibrations, opening to feel our unification with each other and with All of Life. Let us open to the highest possibility of our unfolding journey. Let us invite ourselves into our deepest personal empowerment, that we may give our best to our planetary community as together we embark on a new cycle on Earth. Let us realize that serving as instruments of a New World Era is a lifetime position that will keep deepening through our dedication, sincerity and discipline to live in harmony with our greatest potential. On this gateway date, let us breathe together a deep sigh of joy, and a deep prayer of courage, knowing our work together at this new level will have just begun.

As Mayan Ajq'ij Carlos Barrios said: "The change won't happen exactly on this day because it's not changed like a flash of light...[Dec 21, 2012] is just the beginning...It will take years..."

People always ask: "Where should I go on December 21, 2012?"

Follow your guidance, go where your spirit calls you. In my opinion, it matters less where you physically are for this occasion, and more where your intentions and heart are on this day. Obviously try to find the most inspiring setting you can, preferably with your loved ones, so you can truly open and commune with this auspicious moment. I would advise seeking space for subtle meditation, receptivity, and contemplation, while recognizing there is also great value in unifying with group focus in ceremony and celebration. Some people definitely advocate going to "sacred sites" for this date, which has a certain logic to it, although one's own home with a candle could also serve as sacred space. Be aware that being around large, chaotic groups may be counter-productive to focusing on the potency of this day. You'll know what is right for you. Again, wherever you find yourself, simply attune as deeply as possible to sending and receiving positive vibrations, celebrating our collective step over the Solstice 2012 Threshold!

One especially powerful way to synchronize with this auspicious moment in time is to join in with people in 90 countries around the world who will be visualizing a Rainbow Bridge around Planet Earth.

The Rainbow Bridge Around Earth is a key symbol for December 21, 2012. Focusing on this symbol antidotes the fear and confusion in our collective consciousness that has been generated by the false rumors of the end of the world. Beyond 2012, the Rainbow Bridge Around Earth is an emblem of the New World Age Cycle, reminding us of our commitment to pioneer new ways to live on Planet Earth, in Harmony...

As we embark on the emergence into a New World Age, this visualization helps us to attune to the Whole Earth, realizing that any boundaries or borders we are accustomed to all fall away, as we really see that we are One Planet turning in space and time. This comprehension of our true Oneness is the vital foundation necessary for us to consciously walk on the path of the new era. The intention of this collective visualization is for our global community to open ourselves to new positive realities for our Planet, and open ourselves to unify our hearts and minds with each other, and with the Mind of Earth, so that we may work as One for the highest good of the Whole of Life. The Rainbow invokes the full spectrum of light/information to illuminate our shared journey, and its imagery conjures possibility, magic, and divine benevolence.

It is called a "Rainbow Bridge" because it is understood as bridging the Aurora Borealis lights from the North Pole with the Aurora Australis lights of the South Pole, encircling the Earth as a "World Protection Belt." These charged particles that generate the Auroras originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth's magnetic field into the atmosphere. Here is a stunning video from NASA's International Space Station showing Northern and Southern Lights as they gloriously light up our Earth!

The World is A Mirror ~

There are certainly plenty of rumors circulating that December 21, 2012 will either bring the total annihilation of Earth, or instant enlightenment and peace. It should be obvious by now that those are projections of our fears and desires. The inescapable reality is that our outer world reflects our inner consciousness. "As within, so without." Therefore, the essential path continues to be one of addressing our inner selves - healing our inner wounds, integrating our inner shadows, resolving our inner imbalances and dysfunctions - in short bringing the light of consciousness into the un-integrated, unconscious parts of our psyches, which in turn affect the whole. One of the key aspects of this work is compassionately transforming our self-judgements into self-reflections. As we all keep at the arduous and rewarding quest of personal inner transformation, we are continuing to positively change the world. As Paco Alarcon wrote:"The need to bring light into the dark areas inside of us is urgent now....Once the dark side is integrated, it serves the light."

Based on my 17 years of beholding our journey, I do believe that the larger cycles of time are supporting this change from ego-based lifestyles to ones that are conscious of our interconnectedness. Personal gratification and ego-gain are the agenda of the dying world.
I do believe the dominant forces operating in the world that are in service to fear-based greed and destruction are losing power and are on the way out, and I see countless examples of this real-time transformation in action. In short, the time of ignorance is waning, and the heart that seeks harmony is calling us to rise ever-more steadily, calmly, and clearly into our true power. We are waking up. What has been hidden is being revealed. Corruption is giving way to Justice. Greed is giving way to Compassion. Competition is giving way to Cooperation. As dire as our situation may look right now, I believe we are on a steady course towards becoming responsible stewards of Earth, and it is only a matter of time until we are all on the same page of caring for Earth as our precious home and recognizing the one web of life.

As Barbara Marx Hubbard writes: "The crises now converging can bring an end to the dominator culture - with its over-population, separate-mindedness, environmental abuse and weapons of mass destruction - as our species makes its first conscious leap to our next phase...I believe that, by 2012, we can share together a 'planetary birth experience,' the awareness that we are one planetary body with the technology, resources and know-how to make it through these crises together."

The Great Shifting is Upon Us ~

In this process of Shifting Ages, the dominant energies resounding through the cosmos are increasingly invoking a new human alignment that is initiating new expressions of human culture. According to many prophecies, this is said to happen simultaneously with many earth changes, natural disasters, and crises of all kinds - all of which have been progressively underway. As Louis Pascal writes: "Although sad, human nature often requires crises in order to break free from our patterns of complacency and convenience, and transform the structures which bind us. In one light, crises are actually gifts which push us to overcome our narrow thinking, assert our deepest values, and cooperate together on a grand scale."

While these times of crises indeed have the power to provoke the most positive human attributes to arise within us, these times of tragedy likewise catalyze tremendous suffering. According to some indigenous peoples' prophecies, it is said that many humans may not survive the intensity of this Great Shifting, and/or it may be extremely uncomfortable for those who are not in harmony with these vast changes. Indeed, as a global society throughout time, we have accumulated much karma through our actions that have not taken our interconnectedness into account. Many consequences are now underway as a result. These are inevitable, as is the passage that we are now undergoing. Indeed, in this turbulent era, there have already been countless atrocities and massive disasters, resulting in a huge loss of human life, and loss of creatures of all species.

No one can say what is coming next, or when. On this planet, we are all amidst a whole-systems challenge to realize how to live sustainably in harmony with Nature. Day upon day, this immense quest screams for our attention, and also subtly whispers to our souls. All indigenous peoples continue to warn us to live close to the Earth, and to "know" our water and food sources. As our Earth embarks into a new age, it is up to each of us to determine how to physically and spiritually prepare and align to endure these "Times of Great Shaking."

Meeting Our Greatest Teacher ~

In these precarious and critical times, it is essential that we meet and confront the reality of our human mortality, that inturn we may meet our vulnerability and our deepest spiritual hearts. I feel strongly that our collective psyche's fear of "the end of the world" is largely due to our denial of our body's inherent death, and the terror of facing the impending end of our own egoic sense of personality and identity. For many reasons, especially in Western culture, we have largely evaded the reality of the death of the body, and therefore remain un-integrated in our spirituality, essentially out of touch with reality. Meanwhile, death is our greatest teacher.

"It is essential that we have the courage and wisdom to face the reality of our human mortality, accepting the inherent impermanence of all that lives. Rather than living in fear or denial of death, these times are urging us to confront its potency, and to embrace death as a sacred counterpart of the universal equation: an ever-present ally guiding us to live more fully, grateful for this precious moment. Contemplating the death of the body and the impermanence of all form also opens us to begin to know the realms of spirit, formlessness, and eternal consciousness - exploring a higher-dimensional context to hold the laws of our physical world within." -Excerpt by Eden Sky from the Book "2013: The Beginning is Here."

Making The 2012 Prophecy Real
! ~

Let us soberly and humbly realize that we live at the whim of natural forces, inside of a greatly imbalanced planetary equation, and amidst the climate of our collective human consciousness. How our human society will navigate our course in this universal curriculum is a total mystery. What is certain is that we influence each other, and model to one another the possibilities of human culture in all our attitudes and decisions. Whether we can see the results or not, all of our energies and actions ripple out to the whole. Within this unpredictable universe and unstable Earth, what is in our domain to tend to is finding our deepest Intuition of how to conduct our lives in these uncertain and pivotal times; realizing how to truly live our life's purpose; discovering how to love and care for ourselves and all beings in life-affirming ways; growing in understanding how to evolve our lifestyle choices to be in harmony with our Biosphere; joining in deep collaboration and synergy with our allies on this path.

The December 21, 2012 Global Synchronization is calling us to make an internal commitment to participating in the start of a New World Age. This prophetic date is offering us both an inner alignment, and a collective focus point as we acknowledge we will be the Graduating Class of 2012! Let's drop our expectations, embrace the challenges, and celebrate the vast power available to all of us as we go through this initiatory gateway together. We can then consciously support each other on the other side of our global ceremony, vowing to actualize a new era, one day at a time.

In conclusion, let us strive to evolve into our deepest human potential to be wise and loving human beings, that we may contribute as consciously as possible to the greater well being of human culture, understanding our place upon this glorious Planet, and within this sentient Universe. Let us honor our place in the vast cycles of time, and heed the calls of our ancestors who left these prophecies for us, now. Let us activate the wisdom given to us by Dr. José Argüelles who urged that we honor our Earth as a Living Work of Art and realize that we can each be instruments of harmony and beauty, serving as Planetary Artists! The tasks to be accomplished in these momentous times call us to cooperate on new and grander levels, that we may manifest ever greater harmonies together. Let us synchronize and unify in deep courage, compassion, creativity, willingness and joy with our brothers and sisters of humanity, to be who we truly are here to be, and do what we are truly here to do. Let us awaken our dormant powers. Let us dream the highest dream. Let us ride the upward spiral through the accelerated currents of change. Let us face the death of the body that we may live from a place of realizing who we are as an essence; a heart. Let us seriously invest in cultivating our intuition and inner-knowing. Let us celebrate and nurture our interconnectedness. Let us paint new beauties upon the canvas of our Earth. Let us be grateful for this life we are given, here and now, ever-evolving as children born of the One Great Mystery.

May we Make this Living Prophecy Real
by participating mind, body, heart, and soul!

To the Journey!

A Ho Mitakuye Oysin - To All My Relations
In Lak'ech - I Am Another Yourself,

Eden Sky

Eden Sky is the author of "The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar"
~ A Modern Guide to Access Wisdom of the Ancients and Co-Create a New Era of Harmony ~

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*To clarify, December 21, 2012 is the end of a cycle, but it is not the "end of the Mayan Calendar." The Traditional Maya Tzolkin continues, as does The 13-Moon Calendar - both of which are in service to guiding us to manifest the possibilities of the emerging New Era to come...*

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