Celebrated annually since 1993, the Day out of Time is a global celebration of
"Peace Through Culture" promoting the paradigm "Time is Art."

This year's Day out of Time
celebration on July 25, White Spectral Mirror
will be
will be the largest yet,
as it is the launchpad for the July 26, 2004 Blue Crystal Storm Year

Over a quarter of a million people now regularly follow the 13-moon/28-day calendar
(and tons more have heard of it!)
and it is now used in over 90 countries - spanning 6 continents
as the harmonic standard of time,
replacing the irregular 12-month Gregorian calendar!

Demonstrating the "super radiant effect" of this critical minority of global attunement,
this Great Calendar Change officially marks the point of the People's Declaration that:
The Calendar has changed!
This is understood as an 8-year unfolding process that culminates in 2012...

For all of us who believe in anchoring Natural Time, this upcoming New Year marks a point of increasing our efforts to synchronize and to share the new time.
This is an intensified opportunity for us to deepen our dedication to embodying natural rhythms, including prioritizing the 13moon/28-day calendar in our lives -
seeing it as our primary calendar and connection to the flow of time -
relinguishing habitual reliance upon the fiction of the Gregorian calendar.

Obviously we are all required to continue"world-briding"
between the reference points of the 12-month calendar of history
and the 13 moon calendar of harmony,
yet we can personally deepen our commitment
to seeing the harmonious cycles as more relevant and accurate -
seeing through the Gregorian cycles as representing anything other than disharmony.

Both the Day out of Time and New Years Day offer high-energy opportunities
to publicly share the power and purpose of changing calendars -
inviting all to join in the emerging Culture of Natural Time and Biospheric Awareness -
as together we amplify the new choice of the global voice advocating a change
to the new Harmonic Standard of Time!

Please travel into your creativity and determine what Artful experience or expression you can catalyze or contribute to for this Day out of Time, as all of our unique and diverse participation is what manifests the transformative power of this global celebration! Whether this means a private, meditative focus or a joining in a public festival -
you are invited to lend your energy to the magic of this opportunity!

The Day out of Time is the perfect day to decode people's galactic signatures and share the art, science and spirituality of 13:20 Galactic cycles, as well as the simple logic and harmony of the 13-moon 28-day Calendar.

To check out some examples of DOOT events around the world, go here:

"The Day out of Time wil
l conclude the Campaign for the New Time
announcing the beginning of the Great Calendar Change.
The Great Calendar Change is considered as an eight year cycle,
from 2004 to 2012, which is actually also a Mind Shift and a Time Shift.
So when we get to 2012, the 13:20 frequency
will be the frequency of all the Earth once again....
July 26th Blue Crystal Storm, 2004 the interdimensional window of time
will be irreversibly opened.
For the first time in history a calendar change will have occurred,
not by a pope or a dictator, but by the people themselves.
This is a process now in motion...
[we are] bringing into full coherency and consciousness this new force upon the world."
- Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan

official website of the Great Calendar Change: