Personal Destiny

What is Your Divine Design?

What is your purpose?
What is within you waiting to be activated?
What do you really want out of life?

Blending Dreamspell Astrology
with intuitive wisdom and psychic insight,
Intiana helps
reveal the essence and form
of your Divine Design.

Intiana - White Resonant Mirror

As a Spiritual Coach,
Intiana is certified in:

Shamanic Soul-Retrieval Practices,
Transcendental Meditation and Stress Release, & Flower of Life Merkaba Meditation-Sacred Geometry Courses.

A life-long student of spiritual wisdom lineages, Intiana has been practicing Dreamspell Astrology since 1995.

"Intiana came into my life like a comet,
and has been burning brightly ever since!"


INTIANA'S BIO: I am Intiana - Technician of the Sacred, Channel of Attunement. I have studied spirituality from several lineages, including the Melchizedek order of The White Brotherhood, the Vedic Shankaracharya tradition, and the non-dual teachings of Ramana Maharishi.

I am trained by the Institute for Shamanic Studies in the art of Soul Retrieval, as well as drumming and journeying. In South America, I studied with Bolivian shaman, Chamalu, living in his conscious community of Janapacha (paradise; Heaven on Earth).

I have spent more than half my life teaching and practicing Transcendental Meditation, certified in France, 1976, by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I am a trained Polarity therapist, and have a degree in Psychology from Marylhurst College. In 1991, I spent 3 years of intensive training with Earth Mission in Maui, Hawaii, activating the embodiment of visionary, interdimensional technologies. This training integrated the ability of loving one's wholeness through investigating survival realities, structures of consciousness,"pictures of reality," etc. The natural result of these processes is Following One's Spirit Without Hesitation! In 1993, I became a Flower of Life facilitator in Austin, Texas, certified by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Currently, my life's focus is on assisting others to determine what they really want out of life and how to directly experience our true nature, free of the suffering of mental constructs. I am a practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie, as well as Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now materials, the Advaita Vedanta teachings, and the "Ascension Attitudes" of the Ishaya tradition.


About Oracle Readings:

In one-on-one sessions, we will examine the significances of your Personal Destiny Energy and how it relates to your Challenge, Support, Hidden, and Guiding Powers!

Integrating techniques of self-inquiry, personal counseling, codes of Dreamspell astrology, and the power of psychic insight, Oracle Readings are a personalized journey designed to uncover your highest truths, manifesting the gift of clear-seeing.

I am dedicated to revealing the Play of Consciousness which underlies and animates the manifest world...

If you are seeking deeper connection
with your own spirit - with your destiny,
If you're looking for answers to the questions:
"Who am I? What do I want?"...

I offer myself as a Guide.

"Life is a Journey -
I'll help you pack!"

Personal Destiny


I am currently living in Brazil, working with an intentional healing community, from now till mid Planetary Moon/mid April 2005.
I am available for Oracle Readings Saturday - Tuesday.
(To find long distance to Brazil for 4 cents a minute, try
10 % of the funds from readings will be tithed
to a local indigenous tribe in
, Brazil.

Upon receiving an order, I'll reply via email.
I look forward to working with You!
All Love and Blessings, Intiana

To Schedule a Consultation:

When completing your online payment, please include a note with:
your name(s), birthdate(s), your phone number and time zone, preferred reading date and time, along with any questions, current concerns, or aspects of your life you wish to focus on.

(It may be necessary to send this personal info in a separate email.)

Upon processing of your order, I'll contact you to confirm the reading time and leave the phone number for you to call.

If you would prefer to use a check or money order,
please email me and I'll relay an appropriate USA address.


Personal Oracle Reading

1-hour phone session,
plus a 20-minute follow-up
within 2 months!




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"Talking to Intiana opened up an amazing portal.
Thank you for being so helpful!"

"Intiana's total commitment to spiritual truth brings healing."

"I believe Intiana is a person of honor, honesty, and integrity - a wonderful spirit! My life is expanded by knowing her and what she teaches."

"Intiana's assistance has given me the courage to view my world through a more creative lens. The magic of 'the now' is the new canvas upon which I paint the life of my dreams."

"Intiana is a fount of wisdom and an angel of love.
Her insights were absolutely amazing."

I already see you as the Master you really are,
and invite you into the Peace of resting in the Heart.

Intiana shines light upon shadows,
dissolves fear,
and awareness flowers.

In Lak'ech, I am Another Yourself
- Namaste -
Aho Mitakuye Oysin!

2005 Intiana