"Sacred Spiral" Art by Helen Klebesadel


Red Magnetic Dragon
Self-Existing Owl Moon, Day 14
Thur, Oct 31, 2013

Based on the ancient Maya Time Science, every 260-days we journey through a sacred spiral of time. Just as it takes 9-months for a baby to grow in the womb, so this sacred 9-month cycle of time is understood as a spiritual gestation cycle of growth and unfolding.

This cycle was first mapped by the ancients of MesoAmerica, recording the patterns of creation's "movement and measure," a 13:20 ratio which is reflected in our human bodies as well as celestial and terrestrial cycles. Known as "Tzolkin" in Yucatec Maya, (meaning sacred count or pieces of the Sun) this Matrix is a living being - much more than simply a calendar. However, utilizing it as a calendar has immense benefits including helping one to become more conscious and keen to synchronicities, and to one's own intuitive faculties and abilities to harmonize with Natural Time!

Dr. Jose Arguelles studied the harmonies of this profound mathematical matrix, and revealed ground-breaking correspondences with the DNA codes, the I-Ching, the World Ages cycles, etc, in his book "Mayan Factor." After his pioneering efforts of decoding this ancient time-treasure, he was guided to help modern humanity access its natural time intelligence. Dr. Arguelles fulfilled this calling by putting these ancient mathematics into a universal form that people of all cultures could access. His work manifested the modern Dreamspell 13-Moon Calendar. In this modern context, the Tzolkin cycle is called the Galactic Spin Cycle.

On the 13-Moon Calendar, every day is encoded with one of these energies, giving each day a unique "Galactic Signature" which tells one where we are on our journey through this 260-unit Matrix. Each day is entirely unique and has a specific spiritual focus that is concentrated on by people in 90 countries who use this Natural Time system. Each Galactic Spin cycle is encoded with all the 260 permutations of creation, as they progress day by day - always in the same order, yet each Spin is always unique, based on where we are personally and collectively at in our evolutionary moment of unfolding.

It is very powerful to track theses 260-day cycles
and notice what manifests and comes to fruition during these segments of time

The final day of this current Galactic Spin Cycle is

Wed, Oct 30, 2013 ~Yellow Cosmic Sun Day, Kin 260
Thur, Oct 31 is Red Magnetic Dragon, Kin 1
the start of a new 260-day Galactic Spin cycle!

The 260-day cycle that will be completing spanned from
Gregorian: February 13, 2013 - October 30, 2013

And the new 260-day cycle will span:
Gregorian: October 31, 2013 - July 17, 2014

Each time we begin a new Galactic Spin cycle it signifies that we have completed a journey through all of the 260 sacred permutations of creation's energies, and Now we begin again, travelling through the same 260 frequencies of movement and measure, yet at a new rung of experience on the ascending evolutionary Spiral. The perpetual unfoldment of the codes of creation spirals over and over, inviting new and current interaction, ever-revealing deeper layers of its Synchronistic Magic...

As we receive the initiation delivered to us by the launching of this new Spin cycle, we are collectively invited to make space to review what has occurred in our inner and outer lives in the last 9 moons that we may consciously integrate all we have realized, learned and experienced in the last Spin. Let us honor all that we have undergone in the last 260-days and note where we have grown, as well as the personal aspects and areas of our lives where we have more room to evolve. May this self-reflection gift us with an expansive and fortified sense of inner truth and clarity with which to operate from! This new spin cycle also offers us a potent invitation to forgive all of our "mistakes" or inadequacies of the past cycle, and start fresh with humility and connection to the grace of our own inherent innocence and wholeness. May we also extend this peaceful vibration by compassionately forgiving All of our Relations, thus offering our hearts and minds as a "clean slate" for the Universe to once again create upon.

As the Wise Ones say:
The Journey is the Destination!


Red Dragon's
Code Words:


Red Magnetic Dragon, Kin 1, always begins a new Galactic Spin cycle

The Red Dragon always takes us back to the beginning,
The Source, The One.

Red Dragon is the primal Mother birthing energy. Here we are invited to surrender to the unity of source and immerse in the cauldron of renewal that we may start again, anew, refreshed, reborn... Red Dragon reminds us to nurture ourselves with mindful compassion, to nurture one another with care and tenderness, and to make space to receive the nurturance and riches the Universe has to bestow to our sincere, humble hearts and to our receptive bodies. The Universe is Abundant with Nurturance for All Beings; All of The Web of Life is Held by the Embrace of the Primordial Loving Beingness the animates us and sustains us. We visit this place of abundant benevolence when we tune into our inner silence, the place that precedes thought and concept - before identity and duality - the empty fullness of blank divine existence conscious of itself - the transparent, gentle glory that thrives and pulses in our heart's innermost chambers, a seamless breath of Totality. That feeling awareness is our beingness; it is our interconnectedness; our true nature and home. When we remember and re-root to ourselves as human-BEINGS, we re-awaken to our essential self and are re-born every time we re-immerse in the home of our Beingness, nurturing ourselves in this clarity and transforming our participation in our world. By grounding over and over again in the essential core of our being, we experience and embody our sense of wholeness and are more alive and effective in initiating and birthing the creations of our daily lives and tending to the gardens of our relationships!
As the Indian masters prescribe: "Established in Being, Perform Action."

Thank you for participating
in an ever-expanding global community
of Natural Time Earth Wizards!

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