The 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar System offers Galactic Time Science
for personal and planetary transformation.
Also known as the "Wizard's Count,"
this Time System is composed of 2 interweaving cycles:
1. the 13-moon year cycle
2. the sacred 260-day "galactic spin" cycle.

1.The 365-day year cycle is understood as 13 months, each 28-days long, plus one day out of time holiday reserved for spiritual celebration. The 13-moon year ALWAYS begins on Gregorian July 26th, therefore the Gregorian correlate dates always remain the same, month after month, year after year. (more insight into the 13-Moon Count)

2.The 260-day galactic spin cycle is a map of creative intelligence. The 260 distinct energies which compose this cycle are derived from 13 Tones of Creation weaving with 20 Solar Tribes, 13 X 20 = 260. Each day receives one of the Tones and one of the Tribes, giving it a unique spiritual focus to align our intention with our creative potential. This 260-day perpetual count is a perfect model of harmony - a universal expression of Nature's order, derived from the mathematics of the the ancient Maya. (Based upon one's date of birth, we are all encoded with one of these 260 energies, known as our "galactic signature.")

The 13-moon year cycle is the measure of our 3rd-dimensional biological rhythms, as we progress through each annual round, while the 260-day sacred cycle offers the codes of the 4th dimensional spiritual energies of the "galactic spin."

By referencing where we are in time in regards to the 13-moon year as well as the 260-day galactic cycle, we can access invaluable insight into the Synchronic Order of the Law of Time, experiencing the pattern of the 52-year cycle in which no two days repeat the same combination!

Both the 13-Moon Year and the Galactic Spin are composed of "Wavespells." A wavespell refers to the entire cycle of the "13 Tones of Creation," 1-13.

Regarding the definition of "wavespell," a "wave" is a motion in time, and a "spell" is that which can be cast, known, or experienced during that time. Another way it is defined is a "wave" refers to the power of movement, and "spell" to the power one can gain by being in harmony with reality.

Because a Wavespell is any cycle of 13, there are both 13-DAY wavespells, as well as 13-MOON wavespells. In other words, the Year cycle itself is also a giant wavespell spiral, where each 28-day moon holds the energy of one of 13 Tones of Creation!

Each of the 13 Tones presents qualitative and numeric meaning in itself, and in relationship to the other Tones.

Where the 20 Solar Tribes provide measure, the 13 Tones portray the movement of creation, showing the progression of life in interconnected stages. These universal energies govern the unfolding sequence of the 13 moons of the year, and are also found reflected in the 13 major articulations (joints) which allow our body movement (2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 hips, 2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 shoulders and 1 neck/spine.) Likewise, the 20 Solar Tribes correspond to our 20 fingers and toes!

Working with the Tones and Tribes, we are invited to see life as a process, reflecting on these naturally occurring patterns of inner and outer growth. In addition to its name, each Tone and Tribe has 3 specific code words - (which can be found through the above 2 links to 13 Tones of Creation and 20 Solar Tribes)
which serve as exact keys to unlock the action, power and essence of the Tones and Tribes. As succinct clues, these code words are the ideal point of focus to understand the unique functions of the 13 Tones and the 20 Tribes.

Indepth descriptions of the 13 Tones of Creation and the 20 Solar Seals are available in the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar.

With the Great Calendar Change of 2004, people from over 90 countries have proclaimed a New Time by changing their calendar from the irregular, artificial 12-month Gregorian calendar to the "Harmonic Standard" of the 13-Moon/28-day Calendar! The regularity of the harmonic standard provides a perfect measure for the coordination and scheduling of all practical affairs, while simultaneously offering a harmonic foundation from which to develop a sacred relationship to the cyclic flow of Time!





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