By Hunbatz Men

Like the Sun, Pacal Votan came to this world to illuminate his Mayan people. He came from the dimension where the enlightened teachers are awaiting for the right moment to get reincarnated. It is there where the Universal Creator chooses the teacher who will come to fulfill the mission of guiding his people toward the cosmic light of wisdom so that once again the sacred human race can use that wisdom to complete its destiny of enlightenment.

The ancient Mayans worshipped the teacher Pacal Votan for his great wisdom because he was an enlightened one and he knew everything. According to Alberto Ruz Lhuillier's book, some inscriptions in the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque say that Pacal Votan was an initiate who had the ability to do healing miracles. He could cure many illnesses just by raising his hands or through a look. Then we can say that he was able to perfectly handle the energy, which he could control and regulate with his body and mind.

Pacal Votan taught his people the mystery of the 9 BOLON TI K'U and the 13 OX LAHUN TI K'U. He taught his Mayan people that the 9 BOLON TI K'U are the Lords of the Night and their wisdom and power depend on the absence of light. Also he taught them that the 13 OX LAHUN TI K'U are the Lords of the 13 dimensions; he used to say that every initiate should be aware of knowing these 13 dimensions because the explanations to all the existing mysteries in the world, either physically or non-physically, could be found there.

The ancient Mayan priests of the old times claimed that the spirit of Pacal Votan came from the stars and that was why he brought the wisdom of the stars with him and knew the 13 OX LAHUN TI K'U. They also said that after arriving in our Mother Earth, he decided to work with the human beings forever teaching them all the current well-known sciences plus other unknown sciences that are even unknown to us these days. According to the Mayan priests, Pacal Votan knew the tunnels of time.

When Pacal Votan arrived into this world, he was already enlightened with the wisdom and brought the history of time with him. When he spoke of the ancient times, he showed a figure of the Eocene Era, the time in which the animals we know and still inhabit the planet appeared on the Earth. Then he used to tell his Mayan people that the human race already existed, but they lived in other very distant places called Continents, now these Continents are sunk under the seawaters.

Pacal Votan had many disciples and many of them traveled to other Mayan temples such as Quirigua and Copan to share this wisdom; that is why many inscriptions found in these places are similar to those found in Palenque. These days, it is advisable for all the initiates who do initiatic works to go to those places to absorb the teaching found in those Mayan temples of light.

In the Mayan lands, Pacal Votan used to teach the secrets of the K'ULTHANLILNI, better known today as KUNDALINI; in this way the priestly class knew and practiced the 7 powers in such the same way they were known in India. Pacal Votan also taught his Mayan people the handling of the 7 powers held in the human body and using the Mayan word "Chacla" he used to point out the parts of the initiates' bodies where that great power, coming from the cosmic power, would flow out.

The teacher Pacal Votan used a small flint made figure to teach how the KUNDALINI could be awaken. This small figure was rubbed several times on the back of the initiate, on his spine to be more exact, and then the teacher Pacal Votan did his magic movements. This way the way the ritual of knowledge was begun. Besides, several Mayan "mantras" were taught in order to activate this KUNDALINI force that all the human beings have in their interior. This was the way the Great Power got manifested in their bodies.

It is important to mention here that when the body of Pacal Votan was found in the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, he was holding a cubic geometric shape made of flint in his right hand, and another geometric shape, but in spherical form, also made of flint, in his left hand. For the initiates, both geometric shapes mean High Initiation, because even after finishing his physical life, the teacher Pacal Votan continued traveling in other dimensions bearing this wisdom.

Hunab K'u is the main God for the Mayans and is represented with a circle and a square. When they are taught in their lineal form, the circle has a value of 13 and the square of 20; when both geometric shapes are taught in their plain form, their value changes. In the case of the teacher Pacal Votan, in whose hands these geometric shapes were found, but in their 3-dimensional form, this means that he was very aware of how to work with the third dimension mathematically. Certainly, this knowledge belongs only to the High Initiation.

The geometric formations that have been showing up recently in England are very impressive, especially the one that appeared on July 16, 1999 in Windmill Hill, Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire County, reproduced here graphically for a better understanding of this topic. As it can be seen, it is a great circle with a square in the middle, the square has many small circles distributed symmetrically inside. The following information was published in the magazine “Crop Circles”, where Judith Moore and Bárbara Lamb wrote the following article:

This crop circle (geometric shapes that appear in the corn fields of England) is the DNA that will evolve our mathematical capacity. Each one of these circles is an infinite fractal crystalline code, and each crystalline aspect is a fractal universe. This evolved mathematical system is the next step for mathematics on Earth. When this particular glyph comes into the collective consciousness, present mathematics will seem obsolete or primitive, like the difference between a stone ax and laser beam.

When the teacher Pacal Votan ascended to the other dimensions, he was holding the sphere and the cube in his hands, or better said, the circle and the square. It would be important to understand in which dimension Pacal Votan is, since he understood the 13 dimensions, then he could be observing us from any of them. Now, after the appearance of this geometric shape there in England in the middle of the XXI century, we wonder: Is the teacher Pacal Votan trying to find a way of communicating with us?

Next MARCHch 21, 2004, we will spend three 3 days with their respective nights in the Mayan temples of Palenque trying to understand this mystery. Our work will include Mayan mantric words, the sacred geometry, a visit to the place in which Pacal Votan was buried, the knowledge of the dimensions, a visit to the museum of Palenque in which we will be able to read many existing inscriptions, and of course, we will do meditations in order to try to see and feel the dimension in which the initiate teacher Pacal Votan is. We will also request from him, as a god he is, to cure and heal this aching humanity.

This Mayan Temple of the inscriptions is also called “of the gestation" because in the upper part of its 5 entrances there are some carved columns that have figures with the shape of a Mayan priestess carrying a baby. Each boy shows a natural foot, while the other foot seems to be the body of a serpent. The women are holding the boy with a hand and with the other one they are holding the head of the serpent-foot. In this way, this temple pyramid of Pacal Votan gives us another teaching, now related to the formation of children. (Picture 4)

What the North American researcher Nancy Ann Tappe said about the children that are being born currently is very important. She calls the children of the New Millennium the “Indigo Children", “Blue Children", or “Children of Light". She called them like this because of the characteristic indigo blue color of their electromagnetic field; this phenomenon can be captured by using a Kirlian camera. Since 1995, the number of births of children with these qualities has been increasing. This researcher also says that the Mayans had already predicted this in one of their prophecies.

Generally, the Indigo Children are more intelligent than the normal children, they learn faster, they don't feel afraid or discouraged by adults, they know what they want and fight to get it. Some people name the Indigo Children, The Technologists of the human race because they have the capacity to manage their two cerebral hemispheres simultaneously. Nancy Ann also sorted these children in four categories, the “Humanist Children", the “Conceptual Children", the “Artist Children", and the “Inter-dimensional Children"; they are the humanity's hope since they bring with them new philosophies that will be good to harmonize the humanity. I want to give thanks to the sister Carolina Hehenkamp for her first book she gave me entitled “Das Indigo Phänomen” that is about these New Children. ("Das Indigo Phänomen" is translated in 8 languages).

Now retaking our topic, it is important to understand why these Mayan priestesses found in the Temple of the Inscriptions have these babies in their hands and why the bodies of these children are blended with those of the serpents. Well, to your knowledge, the serpent represents the knowledge, the wisdom and the energy. For example, a boy engendered consciously will bring the healthiest qualities of life when he is born. But I must also tell you something that is a little more complex; this is, the space occupied by our solar system in the Universe has been receiving more cosmic light since 1995. This is due to the fact that ever since that date our solar system has entered a cosmic band in which we are receiving more cosmic light.

For the Mayans, the serpent represents wisdom in any sense; let us explain what these serpent-children in the carved columns of Palenque mean. They mean that it would be the children the ones who would bring the great wisdom, therefore what we are living now with the Indigo Children had already been prophesied by the Mayans. Besides, the Mayans sculpted these symbols in the Pyramid of Pacal Votan and they also wrote about it in their more than 2,500 glyphs found near these stucco figures. The ancient Mayans knew that some day we would be living these times of incomprehension and ignorance we are living now in these modern times. That is the reason why they printed that teaching in the Mayan temple of Palenque, so that it was learned by the new initiates that would come back already reincarnated some day.

It has been prophesied that some day the initiates and teachers from all over the world will come back again to the Mayan temple of the Inscriptions and the Gestation to learn with the teacher Pacal Votan. This pyramid was designed so that the humanity could come to acquire its knowledge forever because in its upper part there are 12 holes where the initiates are supposed to put their hands so that they begin to receive the information that the teacher Pacal Votans will transmit to them from the dimension in which he is observing us.

Among the Mayans, both the priests and the prophets, as well as the mathematicians and astronomers, had their set up days to climb the pyramid and consult with Pacal Votan, the Messenger of Time. In this way, any person or teacher who had a responsibility before the Mayan society, could receive spiritual orientation from Pacal Votan so that they could serve and lead their people to a good destiny. However, not only the local teachers could receive orientation from Pacal Votan, but also initiates and teachers from other places around the world; this is confirmed with the discovery of certain offerings found in this pyramid that have nothing to do with the Mayans and do not have, in fact, a Mayan origin.

Unquestionably, Pacal Votan came to this world to fulfill a mission as an Avatar, because everything indicates that he was actually a teacher of teachers, a master teacher, and he did come to fulfill a mission here in this planet called Earth. This can be proven with the following fact, inside the coffin where Pacal Votan's body was found, they also found the Mayan glyph CABAN repeated 20 times; both this glyph and the number 20 are representative of our planet Earth as well as there other different glyphs for the other planets. Therefore, I name Pacal Votan as “The Cosmic Messenger who came to this planet Earth to fulfill the sacred mission Hunab K'u commended him".

Along Pacal Votan's coffin cover there are many other Mayan glyphs that represent the other planets. For the Mayans, the dead become stars and when the new children are born these stars come down and become these children's souls. The Mayans also believe that the souls can come from another planet of our solar system, but currently we also have the explanation of the Mayan tradition that says that the souls of the children may come from very distant celestial bodies and the souls of the most evolved children may come from even the most distant celestial bodies or stars.

We are not exaggerating when we affirm that there is no another pre-Hispanic grave in all the American Continent that can be compared in magnificence to the Temple of the Inscriptions and the Gestation of Palenque. Also there is no a coffin in any other American place as big and sumptuous as the one that holds the body of Pacal Votan in the mortuary chamber of the Temple of the Inscriptions. It is unquestionably the most extraordinary structure ever built by an American people before the white men.

Furthermore, I want to let you know about the existence of a PSYCHO-DUCT that was found in this pyramid, this is a magic conduit that comes out from the coffin with the shape of a snake, it is made of lime and white stones. This conduit is a hollow mold that goes along the stairway and ends vertically under the perforated tombstone that marks the end of the stairway's entrance, on the floor of the temple. This PSYCHO-DUCT was used for a permanent communication with the priest Pacal Votan so that his messages could always be heard by his Mayan people, through the priests. Or vice versa, it was also used by these priests to communicate with this deified being of the Mayan people, Pacal Votan, to ask for his advice.

When the Mayan priests communicated with Pacal Votan, they first had to reach a very deep meditative state, and once they were in meditation, the true communication took place. But the first thing that the priests heard was a sound indicating the presence of Pacal Votan. Here it is important to point out that when the tomb of Pacal Votan was opened, they found 9 metal-sheet shaped white stones that produced a metallic sound when colliding one against the others. Is it possible that Pacal Votan has decided to use those stones for an eternal communication with his people?

Here we will make a pause to go a little further into the explanation of the number 9. As we said before, the BOLON TI K'U are the 9 forces that have been called to belong to the dark world. These 9 forces work where there is no light; so it is important to point out that in the room where Pacal Votan's coffin is there are 9 carved pictures of 9 priests, each priest shows off a belt and in that belt there are also 9 symbols similar to the 9 metal-sheet shaped white stones found in Pacal Votan's tomb.

BOLON TI K'U was the Mayan word to name these 9 Lords of the Night or the 9 forces of darkness where Pacal Votan gives his messages. But we must not forget the OX LAHUN TI K'U that are the 13 dimensions of light also used by Pacal Votan to communicate with his Mayan people, to send them messages and to receive messages from them. I hope the initiates who will attend our next Initiatic work, which will be held in March, 2004, receive messages that can be used to improve our lives and to help the whole humankind.

To conclude, I hope all the initiates in the world do some research and find out a little more about the teacher Pacal Votan and include him in their meditations and prayers. Pacal Votan is awaiting for this communication to start emitting his messages as a teacher and sacred person who came to the earth as an Avatar of all the times. Please analyze this sacred writing where we mention for the first time who Pacal Votan really was. This saint and mystic Mayan character who came to our world to teach the humankind the true cosmic education of the Maya Itza New Age.

Hunbatz Men
Maya Itza Tradition
Indigenous Council of Mayan Priests and Elders of Mexico