Dr. Jose Arguelles, PhD. writes:

"Both the Gregorian calendar and the clock are based on the original Babylonian model which substituted a measurement of space for a measurement of time. Time is not space. Time is of the mind.

A circle on a flat plane divided into twelve 30-degree parts was used as a model for the annual calendar. A circle on a flat plane has 360 degrees (30 X 12). One annual orbit of the Earth around the Sun is 365 1/4 days. The measure of time according to the standard of the circle on a flat plane is irregular, arbitrary, and irrational. As is the measure of time, so is the measure of our mind.

Using the flat plane of 12, the clock doubled the 12 to 24 hours and the degrees from 30 to 60 minutes per hour. A clock does not measure time. A clock measures increments of space which, projected as increments of time, are valorized into monetary units. Money does not grow on trees. Money is a function of false time."