"Our topic is the Law of Time and the Science of Time. I don't think you can find a university that teaches the science of time. We have many courses in the science of Space but you will not find any courses on the science of time. This in itself tells you something... Space is physical, so naturally we have a materialistic civilization. Time is mental, of the mind. So that when we begin to understand time truly, we will be participating in a phase of evolution that is mental and spiritual...this very moment is the beginning of a new phase of evolution. So welcome!"

"The basis of the knowledge of time is called the Law of Time.
The Law of Time is written: T(E) = ART
Energy (E) factored by Time (T) equals Art.
This means that (E) energy, any manifestation of the physical three-dimensional world, possesses order and is in harmony with its environment because it is factored by (T) time.
In the conception of the Law of Time, however, capital T refers to time as the universal factor of synchronization. As such, time is defined by the self-existing and intrinsically perfect mathematical ratio 13:20. Derived from the mathematics of the ancient Maya, this ratio is a constant of time that organizes all of the universe as a radial sequence of synchronous moments reflecting different evolutionary phases simultaneously."

"If the whole of nature is observed, then one can begin to grasp the masterful orderliness by which every least detail occurs in relation to all the other details in the various cycles - yes, one can grasp in this phenomenal order another deeper aspect of time; and that is time as the universal factor of synchronization. This is the synchronic order of time, the order by which everything in the universe occurs simultaneously in a masterful synchronization from moment to moment in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of infinite varieties of order and harmony."

"This is why you have never seen an ugly sunset. This is why the birds fly in patterns, even scorpions do a beautiful dance. All of the universe is actually a work of art... And in the days before the triumph of materialistic science it was common to say that God is the supreme architect. After the rise of materialistic science they said God was a clock maker. Big difference."

"We say, what is time that it makes this order so harmonious and beautiful? What we say is that time is a form of information biology. We can see this in every living form; it has its stages of growth, it has its particular form of embodiment. Even its communities and social structures all have an aesthetic or artistic quality. This is because time is information biology and with the information biology of time, we say that Time in-forms life. This is a very profound point that we must understand very deeply. When we understand that it is time that informs life, then we see that time is the universal information and the universal in-forming principle..."

"When we see this simple formula, Time factored by Energy is ART,
we are dealing with a universal informing principle that has a very simple mathematical basis... This is a universal constant, whatever form of energy there is, that energy is subordinate to time. That's why they say time has the power to destroy mountains and that time heals everything. Time is the highest law... The Law of Time has functioned since the beginning of time. It has been previously unconscious - but is now being made conscious through you!"

-Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan, 28 Meditations on The Law of Time


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