Right now,
all around the planet,
groups of individuals are dedicating themselves
to the emergence of a Global Culture of Peace

Here in the new millenium, we recognize that genuine peace is not found simply by disarmament, but rather as a state of constructive inner harmony which governs our life's actions.

As the outer world reflects our inner worlds, it is essential that we, as a planetary society, learn to sow the seeds of true and lasting peace, so as to nurture the roots of a sustainable future.

Simply by following the 13 Moon Calendar, one begins to synchronize with the universal laws of nature, assisting us to find harmony and balance in all of our relations.

From the President of The Foundation For the Law of Time:

"It should be noted that the 13-Moon/28-Day calendar is a perfect solar-lunar measure; that is, it uses the even, regular lunar cycle of 28 days as the standard of measuring the 365-day solar cycle of the Earth. The balance of solar and lunar may also be taken as symbolic of human psychological characteristics and their balance or imbalance. A solar-lunar calendar will represent and reflect a balance of the solar-lunar, masculine and feminine qualities within the human being. It is important to bear in mind these considerations of calendars and their effect on shaping the human historical consciousness and its psychological makeup. From this perspective, history is, in fact, a process of falling away from the perfection of harmonic standards.
- Dr. José Argüelles

Together, we can bring unprecedented change to the face of Earth, and to the hearts of humanity by becoming living instruments of Peace.

"If governments and their leaders, bound by hierarchy and patriarchy, wedded to military might for legitimacy, fail to grasp the implications of an emerging world consciousness for cooperation for peace and for sustainability, they may become irrelevant." - US Congressman Dennis Kucinich

WORLD PEACE NOW: "Consciously using the tool of the Thirteen Moon calendar to replace the erroneous measure of the artificial twelve-month calendar is, in itself, an unprecedented act of human self-reflective consciousness. Collective adaptation to the Thirteen moon Calendar is an intrinsic heightening of consciousness which rapidly awakens the telepathic programming inherent in human biology, frustrated for so long for not having been allowed development in the correct timing frequency." - Valum Votan

"Since traditionally the practice of ART has been the most effective means for the non-aggressive transformation of energy, both external and internal, ART must play a key and major role in the present global revolution. But here ART must be understood in its aboriginal sense of healing, purifying, unifying, and bringing people together into coherent purposive groups. It is in this regard that the "Planet Art Network" has been formed - as the means of implementing revolution by attunement." -José Argüelles, "Earth Ascending."

Recognizing Earth to be a living work of art (Planet Art), The Planet Art Network engages in Art, Science, and Spirituality that furthers the evolution of humanity in harmony with the Biosphere. Synchronizing these efforts is the use and promotion of The 13-moon/28-day Universal Calendar of Harmony as the instrumental foundation for a New Time of Personal and Planetary Peace. Establishing that Time is not money, but rather the vehicle for our creative experience, the understanding "Time is Art" is extended to all global citizens as the basis for our Sovereignty in Time. Active in over 90 countries, PAN upholds The Roerich Banner of Peace, symbolizing "Peace Through Culture," acknowledging that our One Human Culture is an ever-evolving tapestry, harmonized by our reverence for diversity and the Spirit which animates All of Life.

In essence, the call to action declares that the time has come for the artists, not the generals and the bankers, to decide the direction and to create the shape of the future of human society.

The specific objectives of the Planet Art Network are world-wide adoption of the 13-Moon Calendar and the advancement of "Galactic Culture" - living in harmony with the Galactic Ordering Dynamic mapped by "Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013". One's journey begins by determining their personal Galactic Signature!

The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar is a comprehensive tool serving the attainment of these personal and planetary objectives.

Planet Art Network (PAN) Nodes are established in the following countries:
Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Israel, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Altai, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Bali (Indonesia), Australia and New Zealand

World calendar reform is not a new idea! Followed by many cultures for over 5500 years, the 13-Month calendar was introduced into modern times by French philospher Auguste Comte who studied the Polynesian 13-moon, 28-day calendar for 7 years and, in 1849, initiated the first reform of the Gregorian calendar to be based on the 13-moon calendar. Since that time, this calendar has been proposed on numerous occasions, preferred for its perfection and regularity.

January 1, 1933 was scheduled by the League of Nations as the date to commence the new, International Perpetual Calendar, with the 13th month to be called "Tricember." In the US alone, over 100 industries of great diversity supported this change. It was only by extreme religious resistance from the (Roman Catholic) Vatican that world-wide adaption of this logical alternative was halted.

The base argument against the 12-month Gregorian calendar, as presented in Alexander Philip's The Reform of The Calendar (1914), is stated as follows: "For what is the framework...by which we arrange our actions? It is no other than the scheme under which we arrange our time - in one word, our calendar...[thus] the disorganized state of all social arrangements is ascribable to the calendar...The dislocation of our calendrical arrangements is due to two distinct causes...the incongruity of the week; [and] the irregularity of the lengths of the months..."

Dr. Argüelles confirms,"The argument made is a profound one...Why do we expect a rigorous standard of uniformity in our measurements of space (size, weight, volume, etc.), but spurn or ignore the same requirement of uniformity in our measurement of time, especially the time that governs our everyday social arrangements and consciousness? How can we think that this would not have a profound underlying effect on the very nature and conduct of our society?

"...That this calendar, originally a system of thought peculiar to one people or religion, should dominate all the peoples and even life of the planet makes it subject to the critique of planetary anthropology.

...The net effect of the use of this calendar is to perpetuate a fundamental level of mental confusion and ignorance concerning the actual nature of time itself-an ignorance that is hardened into dogma by the unwillingness of habit to consider any other possibility..."


Excerpt from:
The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan

Presented by Dr. José Argüelles, Ph.D
"The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan" was first proposed to the United Nations for its 50th Anniversary in 1995.

"The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan, Long-term Effect: The new world calendar of thirteen moons is a universal template for planetary unification. Every moon of 28 days is equal to every other moon. Maintaining the 52 seven-day weeks of the year, every day of the week and day of the moon is the same for each and every one of the thirteen moons. All existing religious and lunar calendars, as well as national holidays, can be regularly scheduled into the new calendar. The 365th day of the year is always a "day out of time," that is no day of the week at all. In this way the first day of every year and every moon is Sunday. The quarter day now celebrated as an accumulated leap year day every four years, accumulates instead as thirteen days every 52 years. Since 52 years is the term of the solar-galactic cycle, a planetary jubilee of thirteen days is to be celebrated every 52 years.

The thirteen-moon-28-day calendar is a perfect harmony of time. While space is physical, time is mental. If the calendar and time we follow is irregular, artificial and mechanized, so becomes our mind. As is our mind, so our world becomes, as is our world today: irregular, artificial and mechanized. But if the calendar we follow is harmonic and in tune with natural cycles, so will our mind become, and so we may return to a way of life more spiritual and in harmony again with nature. Changing calendars is the first and most important step to stop us from the path of destruction we are now following...It may be objected that this is an untested hypothesis whose results cannot be known. To this we say, 'So was the atomic bomb, and look what it has done to our world.' The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan can be implemented immediately, and at the very least, it offers humanity a chance to stop its mad race and experience the unprecedented opportunity of doing something peaceful - as an entire species: adopting a new calendar for itself, and universally entering a new time."

The crux of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan is that to change the calendar is to enter a new time -- and that is the best opportunity to declare a universal cease fire, forgive all debts, and begin a global dialogue on humanity's priorities. Members of the movement, known as planetary kin, are all striving to embody the principles of natural time and the establishment of a new Culture of Peace on Earth. The return to natural time is a whole systems reform. All PAN members should understand that to promote a universal calendar reform is to foster an evolutionary shift in the human timing frequency.

"I have been informed of, and I welcome, the international movement for calendar reform...I am always ready to endorse any honest movement which will help to unify the peoples of the world." -Mahatma Ghandi


Excerpts from:
Harmonic Solution - Harmonic Resolution
A Campaign For The New Time Position Paper
By Dr.
José Argüelles Ph.D

"PREMISE. Currently all conflict resolution of a global scale is attained through one of two poles: a political solution or a military solution. No other alternatives are recognized. According to the law of time, there is a third solution, the harmonic solution. Without this third solution, no harmonic resolution is ultimately possible for any conflict on a global scale. The third solution defines the first two solutions as a polarity embedded within a timing standard that is hopelessly irregular and which, therefore, disposes the mind to disharmony. A mind predisposed to irregularity and disharmony is incapable of producing any long term solution. The basis of the harmonic solution is to change the timing standard from an irregular to a regular one, thereby inducing a timing sensibility which disposes the mind to harmony rather than disharmony.

PARADIGM. The calendar is a macro-organizing principle which, accepted over time, establishes in the mind, individually and collectively, a set of perceptions which are automatically taken for granted as being 'real' and indisputable. These sets of perceptions define the paradigm by which a people, culture, or even an entire civilization operates. The Gregorian calendar, the current global civil standard, is the macro-organizing principle in which are embedded all of the laws, customs, institutions and scientific principles governing the present global civilization. According to the law of time, the current calendar is an irregular standard of measure (its units of measure do not correspond). This calendar represents, therefore, the institutionalization of disorder and entropy. Because it has existed sufficiently long in the human historical cycle - 2000 years, including its predecessor, the Julian - the perceptions which unconscious acceptance of the Gregorian calendar furthers are taken as the unshakable bedrock of nature and reality. All current beliefs - economic, political and scientific, from democratic neo-liberalism to the special theory of relativity - are actually products of the underlying perceptions promoted by this calendar, and have no reality apart from the beliefs about time which the calendar engenders. Change the macro-organizing principle and you change the paradigm."

To read the complete essay, "Harmonic Solution - Harmonic Resolution," click here!

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World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

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