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Join in The Galactic Holy-days!

and Galactic New Year July 26th!

Synchronized in over 90 countries,
the Day Out Of Time invites us to take SACRED PAUSE
and simply celebrate being alive.

Central focuses of The Day out of Time are: * "Time is Art!" * Planetary Peace through Culture * Universal Forgiveness * Atonement * Freeing of Debts * Purification * the Art of Peace * Galactic Freedom Day *

On this day, we are invited to simply link our hearts and minds with the family of humanity, and all of Creation, and receive and transmit positive vibrations to bless and energize our One Web of Life. To whatever extent we can, we are invited to "stop business as usual," and be as now-centered as possible, so we can experience the true timelessness of our nature as planetary creatures and cosmic children... breathing in, breathing out, at one with heartbeat of Creation... Pausing to Remember who we are ~ in our multi-dimensional essence ~ beyond the mundane demands and distractions of the tick tock of the clock and the limitations of identifying only with linear time ... attuned to the sacred precious gift of our human adventure!

You are invited to celebrate the Day out of Time however you are inspired - whether gathering with your community or simply honoring this Holy-Day with your intention. Tune into the telepathic field as we collectively energize the Victory of Love!

Cast your prayers, send your blessings, visualize our positive future. Whether by yourself or with loved ones, whether in stillness and meditation, or dance, music and song, or communion with Nature, or whatever is authentic to you - simply feel your love and gratitude for life and broadcast your heart :) It's also the perfect time to Activate Galactic Culture and DECODE your loved ones birthdates to invite new kin into the magic of Galactic Time.

"The Day out of Time" is always synchronized with July 25th. Based on The Galactic Calendar 13 month-28 day Spiral of the Year, this is the 365th day of the year ~ the final day of the Year ~ but on this Galactic Time System, this day is no day of the month, and no day of the week. This is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the dawning of The Galactic New Year which is always July 26th!


The Galactic New Year
on July 26th, 2022
Begins the Journey of The Red Self-Existing Moon Year!

In this video, Eden Sky shares how to tune into the energies of this New Galactic Year and bring their powers into our life:

The Galactic Affirmation for this Year is:

"I Define in order to Purify
Measuring Flow
I Seal the Process of Universal Water
With the Self-Existing Tone of Form
I Am Guided by the Power of LIfe-force
I Am a Galactic Activation Portal - Enter Me."

The Galactic Frequency of this Year is focused on establishing coherency and healthy foundations, while also guiding us to open to receive multi-dimensional PURIFICATION of body, mind, heart, and soul. The energy of this Year calls us to be MEASURED and methodical, while also going with the FLOW, and surfing the waves of accelerated challenge and blessing that is simply the nature of these times on Planet Earth. This Red Self-Existing Moon Year also calls us to honor the power and necessity of DEFINITION, FORM, and structure, while simultaneously honoring the necessity of fluidity, intuition, and sensitivity. The Red Moon Glyph of this Year invokes reverence for the UNIVERSAL WATERS and the Feminine Force of Nature that is encoded in our very beingness, the sacred Yin that is so essential for us to consciously honor and integrate, that we might learn to embody balance, personally and planetarily... This New Galactic Year is sure to be like no other :)


Check out the New Galactic Calendar here!

~ More about The Day Out Of Time ~

This Year, The Day Out Of Time synchronizes with the Galactic Frequency Yellow Electric Star

This means we are being called to truly ACTIVATE ART on this Galactic Holy Day!
~ The ART of our beings ~
Because when we realize that TIME IS ART,
we realize that LIFE IS ART,
and we realize that we are all here, now
here to Beautify Planet Earth as a Living Work of Art!
Shine your light ~ give your gifts ~
feel your gratitude for the masterpiece of creation
share the beauty of your heart
in whatever way your natural authentic inspiration flows :)
By emanating the BEAUTY that YOU ARE
You are uplifting this world and inspiring our shared human culture...

In this video, Eden Sky shares a Day out of Time Message :)

The offical flag for the Day out of Time is the Banner of Peace.

This flag is flown in 71 Brazilian cities alone, where it is recognized as an official municipal holiday. In Japan, over 100 Day out of Time Festivals displayed this symbol to unify our intentions of "Planetary Peace Through Culture." The 3 circles on this banner represent the unification of Art, Science and Spirituality, surrounded by the one circle of Culture. The red represents our one universal human blood.

DOOT is a perfect opportunity to invite people directly into the Magic by Decoding their Birthdates! Help activate your loved ones to discover the specific Galactic Frequency that they personally embody :)



On The Day Out of Time,
join people all around the globe in activating the Rainbow Bridge around the Earth!

"We are One with the Earth. The Earth and Ourselves are One Mind."

The Day out of Time is also

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the water messenger, was a strong supporter of the 13 Moon Galactic Calendar, and he created the Global Water Appreciation Day on July 25 to coincide with the annual Day Out of Time. Dr. Emoto's research shows the impact of human consciousness on water, and how the power of vibrations, intention, and attention can directly affect water. Let us give our Love and Thanks to Water ~ the waters of the Earth ~ the waters of our bodies ~ Water is Life! Let us celebrate, honor, protect, and preserve our sacred waters... May ALL Beings Everywhere have access to clean, pure water! Learn how to be part of the solution:

See you in the Magic!

Thank You for sharing & inviting others to join in these Galactic Holy Days!


Current Galactic Calendars
July 26, 2023 - July 25, 2024

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"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."

Joseph Campbell

"Each of us is an artist of the emerging new world, offering the personal beauty of our lives to the One Great Canvas of Life."


"You are not IN the Universe. You ARE the Universe, which IN YOU is awakening, experiencing itself, becoming conscious."

Eckhart Tolle

"For a mind to flower, it has to go beyond what it knows..."

Mother Meera

"We must continuously keep in mind that the world is a collective dream, and that we are engaged in dreaming a new world into being."

Jose Arguelles

"Our mind is part of the Universal Mind. Each mind is connected with every other mind; and each mind, wherever it is located is connected with the whole world and cosmos."

Stephanie South

"The Love in your Heart is the power of all Nature."

Jonathan Goldman

"You are the mysterious potential of the future, already in bloom..."

Eden Sky

"We are the ancestors of the future."

Julia Butterfly Hill

"Each splashing wave of time brings another moment, another doorway, another opening, inviting the awakening children of the Earth..."

Ken Carey

"The more boundless your vision, the more real you are."

Deepak Chopra

"This is the time to remember how to live in ecstatic relationship with natural forces."

Llyn Roberts

"We are multi-dimensional beings, remembering our place amongst the stars..."

Louis Pascal

"Let your soul work in harmony with the universal intelligence, as your breath does with the air."

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