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~ 13:20 Galactic Matrix ~


This is the master map of the resonant frequencies which encode the Galactic Calendar. You can think of it as a harmonic keyboard of living vibrations. As a radial matrix, its rhythmic patterns reveal the “Synchronic Order” of Natural Time.

Each square represents a unique energy that is made up of one of 13 Tones and one of 20 Glyphs. (13 X 20 = 260 Galactic energies).

Every day and every person is coded by one of these frequencies. Every day has a Kin number (1-260) which defines its place in the Matrix. Called “Tzolkin” (meaning “sacred count”) this Matrix communicates the numeric language of resonant energies emanating from “Hunab Ku” - The Architect of the Universe.

“The Tzolkin is constituted of different fractals or ratios which are summarized by the ratio 13:20... It has many codes that are locked into it, including the mathematical structure of the DNA... As we say, it contains every part that is a reflection of the whole... Since Time informs life, all of life is informed by patterns that you can find in this code... When we look at it we are truly looking at the cosmic mirror in which we see ourselves reflected in all our facets of knowing and being.” - José Argüelles

The 260-day cycle also corresponds to the human gestation period of approximately 9 months, perfectly expressing its power as a cycle governing the unfolding of creation! Author John Major Jenkins assures us, the 260-day cycle has “multiple meanings,” as it applies to “celestial, biological, agricultural, mythological, and chronological processes.” Jenkins writes,“The 260-day cycle does not directly correspond with any known astronomical period, yet it serves as a common denominator to synthesize the cycles of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Earth and Mars... In essence, it is the key factor of all the planetary periods.”

The Galactic Matrix unifies the Microcosm and the Macrocosm

The 13:20 Matrix communicates the Movement and Measure of the universe. The 13 Tones are the Movement, and the 20 Tribes are the Measure. This ratio of nature is even encoded in our human bodies!

Giving us movement, is our 13 major articulations (joints). The 13 Tones of Creation are mapped on our 2 ankles, 2 knees, 2 hips, 2 wrists,2 elbows, 2 shoulders, and 1 spine/neck.

Providing us measure, we have 20 fingers & toes that are coded with the 20 Tribes of Time!


The Wavespell Journey

The fundamental cycle animating the Galactic Matrix is known as the Wavespell. The Wavespell is a 13-unit cycle that begins on Tone 1 and ends on Tone 13. Depicted as a spiral, it reflects the spiral of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The entire Galactic Matrix can be understood as a series of twenty Wavespells - one for each of the 20 Glyphs. Each Wavespell has a name and focus that is determined by the Glyph that aligns with Tone 1. For example, the White Dog Wavespell (above) carries the Dog’s energies of Love, Heart, and Loyalty as the focus for the 13 days.

Cycling with this 13-day pattern can be life-changing, as it puts us in phase with the essential creative spiral of Nature!

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"You are not IN the Universe. You ARE the Universe, which IN YOU is awakening, experiencing itself, becoming conscious."

Eckhart Tolle

"We are multi-dimensional beings, remembering our place amongst the stars..."

Louis Pascal

"Our mind is part of the Universal Mind. Each mind is connected with every other mind; and each mind, wherever it is located is connected with the whole world and cosmos."

Stephanie South

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The Love in your Heart is the power of all Nature."

Jonathan Goldman

"You are the mysterious potential of the future, already in bloom..."

Eden Sky

"We must continuously keep in mind that the world is a collective dream, and that we are engaged in dreaming a new world into being."

Jose Arguelles

"We are the ancestors of the future."

Julia Butterfly Hill

"Each splashing wave of time brings another moment, another doorway, another opening, inviting the awakening children of the Earth..."

Ken Carey

"The more boundless your vision, the more real you are."

Deepak Chopra

"Each of us is an artist of the emerging new world, offering the personal beauty of our lives to the One Great Canvas of Life."


"This is the time to remember how to live in ecstatic relationship with natural forces."

Llyn Roberts

"Let your soul work in harmony with the universal intelligence, as your breath does with the air."

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