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~ Synchronicity and Time ~

Synchronicity and Time
by José Argüelles

"What is going to be most remarkable in the New Time is the increase in synchronicity. You probably need to get a better handle on that. What is synchronicity and why is that going to help me in the New Time?

Synchronicity is the quality or fact of being synchronous, that is, happening at the same time. Synchronicity is the coincidental occurrence of events, especially psychic events that seem related but not explained by cause and effect. Cause and effect is linear time. Synchronicity is nonlinear. That means that there are explanations for events other than cause and effect.

What makes it eerie is that synchronicity coincides with what is in your mind. You think of someone. The phone rings, and it’s that someone you were just thinking about. So there is something about synchronicity that connects events in the world with events in your mind.

What connects your mind event with the event out there is time. But this is a different kind of time. It is not linear time. It is synchronic time. Synchronic time is the time of things always happening at the same time. And things are always happening at the same time. You just don’t notice it, or your mind isn’t connecting with it, except at rare moments. Why is that? What is going on?

Any moment in time is the same moment throughout the universe. Time is instantaneously unifying. Even though it is midnight on the other side of the world, the whole Earth is still experiencing the same moment of universal synchronic time. A man dreaming on the other side of the world could appear in your mind at the same moment he is dreaming about you. Synchronic time means that Synchronicity is the norm and not the exception. From the synchronic time point of view, mechanistic linear time is the exception.

Not only is synchronicity the actual nature of the universe, but the whole universe is just one big Synchronicity. Your soul thrives on Synchronicity. Why is that ? Because Synchronicity is the natural condition of your soul. Your soul is always connecting events. Your soul is always seeing the interconnected meaning of events.

Sometimes your soul tries to communicate to you some important meanings. These are intuitions. Hunches. The little still voice within. How often do your really listen to these inner promptings?

Again it brings us back to this point of artificial time. As long as your life is governed by clock time and running on that irregular calendar program, just that in itself blocks synchronicity. You think something will happen, because it is nine o’clock and that’s when something is supposed to begin. Well maybe it does. But somehow you don’t feel anything. Your soul isn’t there, that’s why. Nine o’clock just may not be soul time for your soul. On top of it, you may not be honest with yourself about what is happening at nine o’clock. Maybe you really would rather be someplace else, but you won’t admit it. So we further the big lie about time - that it doesn’t matter!

The point is you are basing your life and decisions on something other than soul time, and so you can’t hear or be in touch with your soul. From your soul’s point of view you are becoming insensitive. If you were sensitive, your eyes and mind would be opening to the synchronicity happening all around you!

To be in touch with real time, the time of your soul, the time of synchronicity, is to experience a liberation of energy. What kind of energy? Inner creative energy is released because you are seeing flashes of the way it really is. Anytime you see the truth or experience the way things really are you get an inner rush. This is the happy release of energy that accompanies any discovery of the truth. Can you imagine feeling the thrill of every moment releasing this energy in you all the time? What will you do with that energy?

Maybe the Second Creation depends precisely on your releasing the energy of synchronicity. Yes, the Second Creation - isn’t that what a new time might be all about? For time that connects you with synchronicity will put you in touch with all of your long dormant psychic powers. Synchronicity is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind that is telepathy, precognition, telekinesis - and who knows what other powers fallen asleep because of your being enslaved to artificial time, powers that could help bring on the Second Creation!"

Excerpt from "Stopping Time and Getting on With the Second Creation" by José Argüelles ~ Valum Votan


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