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We at SkyTime
Thank You

For Your Support
of Our Family

It is an honor to serve
in this sacred mission of Galactic Awakening & Restoring Harmony upon Earth.

We celebrate your presence in this Natural Time Community of Planetary Artists

~ In Lak'ech ~
I Am Another Yourself!


~ Time is Art ~
Transform your World
by Transforming your Relationship to Time!



Now Receiving PRE-Orders for the New Calendars!

“Thank you for your absoutely amazing calendar! I've been using them for 2 years now, and they really changed my life!"
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This is no ordinary calendar. It is a portal to another dimension...

Expand your reality by stepping into a new dimension of time. This profound, yet easy to use daily calendar will transform your life by transforming your relationship to Time itself. Our time on Earth is precious. Our time is our creative life-force. The actual nature of time is not linear, and cannot be fully realized within the blank squares of the 12-month calendar.

The true nature of time is a magical, flowing order that synchronizes all moments, events, and relations as a grand web of meaning. This Galactic Calendar enters us into conscious contact with this web of meaning, and expands our entire context of reality.

Follow along with the daily flow of Galactic energies and attune to the creative potential of each new day. Allow the harmonies of color, number and symbol to activate your cosmic self, and infuse magic into your life's journey!

"Customers love the easy to use format.
It's like getting a how-to-book & calendar in one.”
-New Renaissance


* Features 13 Visionary Art piece

* Indepth Guide to Galactic Time Cycles

* Daily Affirmation Charts

* Includes Birthdate Decoder to find Personal Galactic Signatures

44 pages * 8 (1/2) X 11

* Printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper!



"More than a calendar
this is truly a planetary educational tool!"

(Formerly titled: "13-Moon Galactic Calendar")

New Edition for the Blue Spectral Storm Year starting July 26th, 2016 coming soon ~ please stay tuned!


Planetary Wizard Year
July 26, 2015 - July 25, 2016

This Poster shows
The 13-Moon Wavespell
of the Year on one side,
and 20-day cycles of the Haab

on the other side.

Poster: $6


New Edition for the Blue Spectral Storm Year starting July 26th, 2016 coming soon ~ please stay tuned!


~ The perfect compliment to
The Galactic Wall Calendar ~

White Planetary Wizard Year
July 26, 2015 - July 25, 2016

Beautifully produced by Koyomiya of Japan, these professionally designed Dayplanners provide easy access to all of the codes of the Dreamspell Time System!

A user-friendly, pocket-book sized resource (4" x 7") this tool makes it possible to view and map your Time in terms of 7 day weeks + 28 day moons, all encoded with the sacred Galactic Signature of every day.

Full color,
includes 36 pages of color charts,
as well as room to write in appointments, journaling
and note space...

(Codes in Japanese & English.)

Daybooks $35


This Daybook provides "moon at a glance" pages and 36 pages of color charts showing all many different layers of this Time Science, including the overlays to *participate in The Rinri project, The Telektonon, The 20 Tablets, The 7:7:7:7. The Elder Futhark Runes, and The Mystery of the Stone practices. Truly a powerful ally for "Earth Wizards!"

*Please note*
This Daybook can be used with great joy and practicality for those of any level of experience in working with the 13-Moon Calendar system!

It lists the key words to relate to every day's Galactic Signature and shows many charts that provide basic Dreamspell education, however, this book does not provide introductory education to the advanced practices.

So, while this book indeed lists ALL the codes, it will NOT teach you HOW to do the practices, but rather serves as a reference guide for those who are already familiar with how they work, helping one to easily find where we are within the many cosmic cycles.








Beautiful, Handmade Cards,
Perfect for sacred decoration, or to send to a friend!
Made locally in Oregon, by Yellow Spectral Seed,
with lots of love & lots of Rainbow Glitter!

5" x 3.75" card includes envelope & protective covering.
Blank inside. Includes insert explaining this New Era Emblem.

Join the Global Activation
by helping spread this powerful image,
invoking Planetary Regeneration
& Cosmic Protection of our Earth!

Rainbow Bridge Greeting Cards:

$4 each

$10 for set of 3



-Banner of Peace Pendants-

Designed by Russian artist and humanitarian, Nicholas Roerich (1874 - 1947), the Banner of Peace is an official symbol of the Planet Art Network and World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. Symbolizing "Peace Through Culture," it is displayed by people around the world, imparting the messages of natural time and planetary peace.

The banner is a deep red color to symbolize the color of our one human blood. The top circle represents spirituality and encompasses the truth of all religions, that we can all unite regardless of our distinct beliefs. The two circles on the bottom represent art and science. The circle that surrounds the three spheres represents culture - the unity of art, science, and spirituality.

Banner of Peace Pendants

are are 1 1/4 inch diameter,
hand painted 100% lead-free pewter,
and come on an adjustable cotton string.
- Produced by YellowSeed Alchemy-


Currently OUT OF STOCK - Please check back later!

The symbol for the Banner of Peace can be found in many cultures and numerous philosophical systems. It can be found on the coat of arms of the Popes, on Ethiopian and Coptic antiquities, and stone age amulets. It also appears on Tibetan rings, Buddhist banners, the Temple of Heaven in Peking and in the oldest of Indian symbols, the Chintamani, the sign of happiness. Already a part of many cultures, the Banner of Peace is the perfect symbol to bring all peoples together in peace.

"Our One Human Culture is an ever-evolving tapestry, harmonized by our reverence for diversity and the Spirit which animates All of Life."
-Planet Art Network Mission Statement

Thank You for Activating this Sacred Symbol of Planetary Peace!


-Seed of Life Pendants-

The mystical science of Sacred Geometry is an exploration into the Architecture of the Universe. Relating to our world through the lens of Sacred Geometry, we are invited to experience nature as an infinite expression of profound order and harmony. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, the "Seed of Life" reflects the story of Genesis, the act of spirit forming matter. As the metaphysical building block of nature, the Seed of Life is at the heart of every atom, molecular structure, life form and eventually everything in existence. Therefore, all things existing can be built from the shape of the Seed of Life. As a symbol, it serves to illustrate the connectedness of spirit and all life within the universe.

Seed of Life Pendants

are 1 1/2 inch diameter,
hand painted 100% lead-free pewter,
and come on an adjustable cotton string.
- Produced by YellowSeed Alchemy-


The Seed of Life gives birth to the "Flower of Life." Within the Flower of Life symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solids are important because they are found in the rudimentary construction of organic life, as well as music, language, and consciousness itself.

The Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. It can be found in various locations around the planet, including the temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. The symbol has also been found in Masada Israel, Mount Sinai, India, Spain, and many temples in Japan and China.


Glyph Pendants
All 20 Tribes and Hunab Ku too!

*Glyph Pendants: $13

Glyph Pendants are 1 1/4 inch diameter
Hunab Ku Pendant is 1 1/2 inch diameter
Made from 100% lead-free pewter,
comes on an adjustable cotton string.
- Produced by YellowSeed Alchemy-
(If you don't have a Flash Player you can view pendants here

Order Hunab Ku Pendants Here:

Order Glyph Pendants Here:

Please choose your glyph from the pull down menus. The options in the menus reflect the glyphs that are currently available.

Glyph Pendant Options Dragon-Dog
Glyph Pendant Options Monkey - Sun

Based on the glyph that corresponds to the date of our birth, every individual embodies one of the 20 tribes as part of our personal "Galactic Signature."
As we activate its presence in our lives, we strengthen and empower this destiny energy to inspire and inform our evolution.

Each of the glyphs beckon us to travel into their symbology to gain intuitive insight into the essential aspect of life's Mystery that they represent. Hunab Ku is understood as the One Giver of Movement and Measure; the Absolute Being; The Center of the Galaxy; The Universal Dynamism which stimulates and motivates life in its total manifestation of spirit and matter. This symbol represents the principle of intelligent energy that pervades the entire universe.


"Time is Art" Bumperstickers
2 Original Designs by SkyTime

Bumper Sticker - Earth Background: $4


Bumper Sticker - Butterfly Background: $4

Transparent 13:20 Stickers
Double-sided, round stickers (4.5 inch diameter)
Perfect for windows!

José Argüelles' original emblem from "The Mayan Factor" which unifies the 13:20 Tzolkin symbols as the Code of Light with the I-Ching symbols as the Code of Life!

13:20 Stickers: $4



by Aurora

White Wizard Glyph

View Glyph Set

Hand-drawn by Aurora, White Rhythmic Wind, these glyphs are based primarily on the 20 sacred symbols as shown in "Mayan Factor."

According to the 13-Moon Galactic Calendar, every day is governed by one of the 20 sacred signs. Displaying the Glyph of each day is a great way to activate these universal energies in your life! As Bolon Ik says, "The glyphs are like the alphabet in the Universal Language of Telepathy."

Representing the process of development of life itself, these 20 signs, also known as "solar seals" or "solar tribes," are ideographic - they convey ideas, dense with meanings. Each glyph is a storehouse of information, functioning as 20 distinct evolutionary keys for the realization of human potential.

In essence, the 20 glyphs are memory triggers which transmit information to our intuition which comprehends the multi-faceted language of symbology.

Set of 20 glyphs
Each glyph is 4.25" X 4.25"
printed on card-stock

Hand-Drawn Glyph Set: $19.95

Currently OUT OF STOCK - Please check back later!

As a whole, the 20 glyphs form a 20-day cycle, in which we flow through their sequence of energies again and again, as mapped in the 13-Moon Galactic Calendar. As we extend our awareness into this cycle, we can find ever-deepening insight into their synchronistic magic and personal significance.


~Finding Guidance From Within~

It is a great honor to introduce our 13-Moon Calendar kin to the 13 Moon Oracle - created by Ariel Spilsbury, author of "The Mayan Oracle" and internationally celebrated teacher, visionary. and planetary midwife.

This sacred tool guides us to connect with the 13 Faces of the Divine Feminine:

The Great Mother, The Goddess of Compassion, The Priestess, The Creator/Destroyer, The Lady of Communion, The Muse, The Goddess of Love, The Primal Goddess, The Initiator, The Wise Woman, The Weaver/Dreamer, The Queen of Death, & The Alchemical Goddess

The Oracle deck contains a Guidebook
and 39 cards:
13 Archetypal cards,
13 Sacred Tool cards,
13 Frequency cards.

As Ariel shares:

"The 13 Moon Oracle Cards are more than just another deck. They are a portal into expanded states of consciousness through archetypal resonance. Evoking energies from the Divine Feminine Mysteries, this “oracle” invites you to find your guidance within, rather than relying solely on external prescriptions. The 39 beautiful cards are lenses through which you can access your own Soul Essence and understand your individual part in the greater whole of the Cosmos.

A Journey Through the Archetypal Faces of the Divine Feminine is an inner roadmap, an entryway into the Mystery offering a holographic form and alchemical map for your consciousness to effortlessly enter into a higher order of reality with ecstasy and joy."

13 Moon Oracle Cards: $33

We have specifically chosen to offer this on our website because we have experienced the power of this Oracle's revelatory insights, healing wisdom, and loving intelligent presence.

Created by our beloved friend Ariel Spilsbury as a 10-year long labor of love, this oracle deck has become a sacred, trusted companion, and we invite all of you who feel called to explore it as a tool for your own souls' growth and discovery!

* Please note: this is the new, "purse-sized" edition of Ariel's original 13 Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery. This smaller, condensed version is perfect for doing readings and finding guidance on the go!

~A Journey to the Crystal Singers’ Temple~

This one of a kind CD offers Crystal Singing by Ariel Spilsbury, Author of The Mayan Oracle & The 13-Moon Oracle

This CD starts with a Guided Meditation, then includes 4 tracks:

One for Earth - to Clear the Physical Body, One for Water - to Clear the Emotional Body, One for Fire - to Clear the Mental Body, One for the Air - to Clear the Etheric Body.

This CD is deeply relaxing, both subtle and powerful, and is a great way to clear energies and attune to higher frequencies.

It is a great tool for healing sessions or massage.


Luminous Cocoon CD: $16

"Imagine, in this moment, that you find yourself instantly transported to a sumptuously serene and dazzling beautiful crystal chamber of an etheric temple. Imagine that your purpose for being there is to awaken the higher evolutionary coding of your essence, to remember who you truly are and your purpose in that divine presence. Imagine aligning and attuning your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies to the most expanded blue print of your spiritual evolution, simply through bringing yourself into resonance with the higher octaves of this expanded presence. Visualize supraluminal sound and light currents that raise the vibration of your present expression. Imagine if that were possible. It is not only possible, it exists on Ariel’s CD!"

Ariel Spilsbury shares:

"Crystal singing is a “star” technology which is a means of accessing a broader spectrum of frequencies and octaves of awareness and thus the inherent healing and wholing.

"This is the intention and gifting of crystal singing. Crystal singers simply open as vessels for these supraluminal frequencies of light and sound and effortlessly transform energy blockages and contractions of the small ego self; offering remembrance, catalyzing, opening and transforming as a gift of Grace. Metaphorically, crystal singing rearranges the notes of the melody being sung by the third dimensional body to be coherent with a higher dimensional coding and frequency of expression. As you open to this sound, you are opening to receive this evolutionary gift!"


~ A voyage into the wonders of the infinite unknown ~

We are thrilled to offer this stunning 3D animated art video that illuminates the senses and the imagination, leaving one feeling exhilarated with the presence of Divine majesty. This portal allows us to journey into new yet ancient dimensions - inspiring the remembrance of our Galactic heritage! ”…A vision of what our reality must be like in the higher dimensions…"

We at SkyTime invite you to partake of this voyage!
With 5 different soundtracks, this 30-minute video is definitely worthy of watching over and over, offering a profound opportunity to share with friends, family and one's community!


Transmuteo DVD: $19.95

“Transmuteo” is a 30 minute animated visual feast of the beautiful inner world of visionary artist, Jean-Luc Bozzoli. A French artist living in the Pacific Islands for the past 36 years, Jean-Luc has spent thousands of hours immersed in the holographic undersea world of dolphins and whales, sharing the visions and wisdom awakened within him through his art.

As Jean-Luc shares:

"This art film is designed to generate a profound state of RELAXATION for Spirit, Mind & Body. It unites the two sides of the brain, facilitating Multidimensionality as our natural state.

"The visions are transmutational in nature, and these art-films create inner experiences of new realities. Their fields of energies open a window beyond our space-time continuum...
This artwork is transformative, as it awakens our innate memory of our Starseed Dimension... This visual odyssey is a shamanic journey into the Center point of stillness in our heart, where the supreme spirit whispers its cosmic wind in our sails.

Transmuteo is showing us that, within the childlike innocence of our pure heart, we are creating a New Earth... A planet of incredible beauty, grace, and opportunity. As we ride in the wake of Transmuteo... we get an intuitive understanding of... Dimensional Windows, Time Travel, and Parallel Universes. Dwelling secretly in our heart, this dreamer is the alchemist of our true nature..."


~ Travel beyond time & space into multi-dimensional ways of living ~

Another incredible 3D animated art video by the creator of Transmuteo!

We highly recommend this powerful 30-minute meditative journey that takes one beyond the bounds of time and space and into realms of infinite imagination... magical, mystical, captivating, invigorating to the Spirit! You will definitely want to watch this DVD many times, and celebrate the opportunity to share this majestic voyage with your communties!


Voyage to Infinity DVD: $19.95

Art & Film by Jean-Luc Bozzoli, Music by Andrew Forrest

As Jean-Luc shares:
"Nature, Art and Music are entry-points into the Ultimate Beauty Inside each of us.

How far can our field of awareness extend?
How far can we merge our field with the "spirit-energy" field of a tree, of a dolphin, the rock in a mountain or the sea?...
These are our next steps in quantum or shamanic communication with extra-dimensional Beings, and a few inspiring clues are in this film!

This Goddess is our Feminine aspect - Yin - Muse - Power of Freedom, of wisdom, INTUITION,sovereignty, inspiration, ingenuity, respect, courage, strength, justice, strategy, and the arts.
And She, with the Whales and Dragons are guiding us to perceive and appreciate that we are more than our body and our mind.

A multitude of worlds are inviting us to discover new perceptions, when we immerse ourselves into the untold truth of water and the light within.
Explore the feelings and energies of these... with dolphins, whales, dragons and their riveting and enchanting realms."

"A meditative film with Whales & Dragons, guiding us through cosmic gates and infinite invisible energy fields beyond time & space to free our Spirit from deep within.

This is a view into the experience of the upcoming world paradigm of Heart & Art where the highest purpose of our soul is to create with love.

Our conscious Relationship with Nature brings us the Power of Wisdom and Intuition to co- create with the infinite potentials of our expanding Multiverse & Quantum Source."

We at SkyTime Thank You

For Your Support of our Family Business!

It is an honor to serve in this sacred mission of
Galactic Awakening & Restoring Harmony upon Earth.

We celebrate your presence
in this Natural Time Community
of Planetary Artists
In Lak'ech ~ I Am Another Yourself!

We are very excited to keep expanding and offering new, conscious products to our community, however in the process we are challenged to work within the limitations of our shopping cart system.

If you encounter any inconveniences, we apologize, and are happy to help remedy any situations to the best of our ability. Likewise, if you have special considerations in placing your order, please let us know and we'll try to accomodate.

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