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~ Testimonials ~

Testimonials for The Galactic Calendar

"I am so grateful to have aligned with this Galactic Calendar. It has immensely enriched my life vision and creativity! Thank you for sharing this Light!" -Yeshe, Canada

"This is without a doubt the most beautiful and high-energy calendar on the planet." -Canton, MI

"Thank you for your absolutely amazing calendar! I've been using them for 2 years now, and they really changed my life!' -Josh, Blue Resonant Storm
"This solar-lunar-galactic calendar produces a natural means of achieving both personal and global synchronic harmony." -Reviewed in Magical Blend's Natural Beauty and Health Magazine
"The soul of the Universe speaks to me each time I interact with my calendar." -Portland, OR
"Each and every calendar has been a gift to the world and my life! - Krystleyez
"This year's calendar is supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! Wonderful! I am really enjoying it." -Love from JAPAN!



"The calendars are absolutely exquisite again!!!" - Helen R. New Mexico

"We have learned much about ourselves and life thru these calendars. We appreciate the information on a daily basis - very grounding and enlightening." - SilverHawk, CO


"Thank you very much!  We do enjoy this calendar on a daily basis, and almost cannot do without, lol!" -H&S
"I wish to thank you from the depth of my Heart for your amazing effort, dedication and devotion to this important message and tool that you have made available to the world...

I am aware of the importance of this Galactic Tool that can change everything for all those who connect with IT." - Blue Rhythmic Hand, Australia


"I received my calendars today, thank you so much! They are beautiful, you do amazing work!" -Erin


"Thank you for everything. Your work impacts my life in such a beautiful way." -Lunar Skywalker

"Thank you for your continued work. We rely on our calendars daily!" -S & L
"Thank you so much for your beautiful service to our evolution and the reality of the new paradigm." -Reno, NV
"It's truly amazing once you start following the rhythm of the calendar. ...all the insights and blessings that have come into my life as I started flowing with it. I feel like a completely new person - much more centered, relaxed, and 'in the now.'" -Helsingborg, SWEDEN
"A thousand blessings to you for conveying consciousness on this Earth." -Venice, CA
"Much gratitude and appreciation for your work in creating and distributing these wonderful and amazing pieces of art." -WhiteFeather, Washington
"We send you all love and support for all the great work you are doing on behalf of the 13:20 vision of universal love and peace on Planet Earth... May the Highest Dream come true for ALL!" -José Argüelles & Stephanie South
"Thank you for sharing your beautiful visions with the world!" -Tuscon, AZ

"Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your planetary work! ...just to know that there are others out there just as committed to planetary transformation as I am, allows me to take a breath and savor our communion as One Being... In Lak'ech ~ I Am Another Yourself." -Ariel Spilsbury
"Loving the Calendar each and everyday. WHAT A TOOL! What a gift!" -Sunny, California

"Skytime - Thank you for providing this Galactic Calendar. I feel lost without it. Blessings and Love." -Rita


"I am delighted with the Calendar. Thank you so much. It will be a joy to allow its energy to permeate my Being by living each day in harmony with the universe. Each of us pulsing our unique frequency - yet part of the Whole." -Shendra


"Absolutely love it. Created a great bridge, connecting calendars, and not a space is wasted in knowledge! Keep up the artistic talent as well - beautiful minds you've collected." -Rory, Red Crystal Dragon


"The calendar is awesome!!! Thank you so much for your fabulous contribution to our planet's well-being!" -Lucia


"There is so much positive energy in the calendar you produce - it comes to life just when you need it!" -Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

"Your calendar is so helpful and laid out so well! We learn something new each time we open it." -Golden Radiance, NM


"I love my calendar! I may already be increasing my mental telepathy." -Fargo, ND


"I am a descendant of the Maya people, and proud to say so... I am so excited about your great product. It is so reassuring that there is a group of people who see the universe in the true light, like all native people saw the world. I have always been in love with math and the study of the stars. Now I see why, the truth is being revealed as we approach the momentous revelations to come. Thank you again, and good thoughts to all." - Maria Victoria Flores, Germany


"Thank you for sharing the magic, mystery, and magnificient art of The Galactic Calendars!" -Wendy, N.C.


"I couldn't live without this tool! I use it as a daily navigational map to experience more play and magic. The synchronicities are endless!" -Nye Beach, OR
"Thanks sooo much. Your calendar has, indeed, been a blessing to me." -Oxnard, CA


"SkyTime has an enchanting way of downloading the wisdom of the Galactic Maya with simplicity, clarity, and artistry. Each year they produce a calendar helps expand one's consciousness so that one can assist humanity into the imminent new world. Thanks to SkyTime we are better able to participate in the journey of Timeship Earth and in the process of blossoming into a flower of life." -San Francisco, CA

"Eternal gratefulness for the awakening you've begun universally!"


"Thank you SO much. Your work is profound towards our evolution to a New TIME together! Bless you all! -Davis, CA


"Thank you for you role, your time, your energy, your vision, your calendars!" -Joshua


"The calendar is streamlined. Wow wow wow wow! You never cease to amaze me to my core." -New York, NY


"I'm turning everyone on to your calendars!" -Aloha, OR


"Thank you creating and researching this awesome map of time and inspiration." -Vancouver, B.C.


"I am an inmate in state prison and have recently been turned on to your natural time calendar. I am intensely interested in this fascinating system. Thank you for assisting me in this beginning." -Susanville, CA

"I just love your calendar." -S. Charleston, WV

"The newest Calendar is exquisite! We no longer put up the (standard) Gregorian calendar in our house, but use this calendar exclusively. Many, many thanks for your wonderful service and much love to you." -Canton, MI


"Great calendar - I started reading it and couldn't stop!" -Santa Rosa, CA


"Thank you so much for the timelessness connection of your collective magikal creation. It was the first piece of art to go up on our walls and we have begun to recite the daily affirmations (affermazioni giornialieri) in Italian!" -Pineto, ITALY
"I just received my natural time calendar a couple months ago, and I am getting more in tune with the Universe as our days continue to spiral." -San Clemente, CA

"The experiences with the Galactic meditations have so far been more than astounding. Thank you for spinning the web of love for all of us."-Mexico City, MEXICO


"A birth specialist once told me I wouldn't ever regain my health until I learned to come down into time. At the moment, I found that completely impossible...Your calendar is the first constructive connection I've found. Keep up the awesome work." -Yreka, CA

"Thank you for providing this incredible medium! It has changed our lives!" -Lake Forest Park, WA


"Thank you for this wonderful addition to my life!" -Lake Mills, WI
"Through sharing the Dreamspell calendar with others, I have met some fantastic brothers and sisters of our rainbow tribe. There are good numbers of people who are aware of the calendar here, but yours is the first calendar I've seen that really embodies what a "love affair" this frequency is all about. -Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
"SkyTime's calendar truly demonstrates that 'Time is Art.' It is both informative and appealing to the eye!" -Sandpoint, ID
"I have been coloring in the wavespells and daily tribes and meditating on each day's guidance. I am developing a meaningful awareness of these cycles within cycles and getting a feel for their Total Unity." -Houston, TX


"I take it with me on all my travels!" -Vashon Island, WA


"SkyTime's Calendar is THE definitive source for info on the Dreamspell calendar system. Their layout is simple and easy to understand while also including all the key cycles. The information section has long been considered the best available introduction to this system...I recommend it for old hands or newcomers alike." -Former Director, Museum of Natural Time, Portland, OR

"Thank you for all you do that makes a difference in mine and the lives of many." -Blue Electric Storm


"I am so excited, I just got my 6 calenders I ordered from your website... These calendars are beautiful... this stuff is amazing. Thanks so much." - Rebecca


"I have been working with the Galactic Calendar since 1992. It's a remarkable tool, beyond measure. Thank you for your continued support and belief!" - Martha, White Self-Existing Dog
"...A lucid, artful presentation of fascinating information...the foundational tool for living and learning the science of time...wonderful essays and a beautiful design for daily awareness." -Oakland, CA


"Your calendars are always so beautiful. The art work is galactivated and the wisdom is shared with compassionate understanding. Thank you for sharing your magical gifts with so many and spreading the healing and restorative forces of 13:20." -Tuscon, AZ


"Thank you so much for all the love and inspiration you put into your calendar. May the Garden keep growing!"-E. Jordan, MI


"This year's calendar is very thoughtfully put together. Thank you for doing such a great job." -Minneapolis, MN


"I've been using your calendar for the past 10 years. This has been a tremendous resource, and I am so grateful you have provided this. Thank you, thank you." -Billy, New Mexico


It's such a beautiful calendar that first and foremost says 'Make the Unconscious Conscious' - all for our exploration and deepening connection with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the codes that activate inner awareness - until we become walking calendars ourselves!" -Seattle, WA

"I write the rhythms out daily from this calendar, and have for years. It is a priceless tool for self reflection and evolution, and I am very thankful for it!" -Hilary, Oregon


"Other calendars pale in comparison to yours. Great job." -Folsom, CA

"To those who are interested in furthering their spiritual growth, I would highly recommend SkyTime's calendar as a way to free your mind into the higher frequencies that are available on the planet right now. It is professional, well thought out, and inspiring." -Electric Skywalker
"Thank you for your amazing Galactic Calendar! And for all of the amazingly accessible information." -Deborah, Red Overtone Serpent

"Sincere thanks for the fabulous work you do and the products you provide." -Barb, Canada
"Blessings for keeping us aware of REAL TIME AS ART and a Dimension of the Mind. Beings like you help my heart to sing." -Red Self-Existing Skywalker
"Dear SkyTime - Tellers of Time, Knowers of Cycles and Circles, and cosmic circumstances - 10,000 thank you's for knowing and sharing what you know!" -Blue Solar Eagle, California


"I am a student to each new day and the energies have never let up! The cycles reveal as much as we are ready to learn. Old patterns are released as we incorporate new ways of seeing. There is something for everyone!" -Suffern, NY


"I would like to encourage and compliment you and partner for your amazing efforts through the years to manifest these beautiful calendars and the message it brings. The calendar speaks for itself and I feel humbled and joyous to be able to participate in spreading the Noos here in Australia." -Blue Spectral Hand
"I appreciate what you do, and who you are. Thanks for making a difference!" -Helen, Texas

"Thank you so much for being such glorious instruments in the divine hands, creating through you - beautiful, wonderful calendars, year after year! We share the calendar with many in our traveling, and they all love it." -Fairfield, Iowa

"Inspiring calendar! Thank you for your time and effort devoted to this service." -Darla

"I would like to order 6 calendars for this year - I'm sharing them with my friends. I'm aligning my life with it these days, much to my greatest satisfaction. Thanks for all the magic!" -White Galactic Wizard, Maine


"Thank you for the calendars they are beautiful… Absolutely lovely!" -Perth, Western Australia


"I love living by the 13 moons of The Galactic Calendar. My husband and I find it very rhythmic and grounding just to follow the colouring of days and weeks. And I'm gradually adding the rest of the magical spirals of this lovely calendar to my life. Thank you!" - Nicky, White Crystal Dog


"I want to extend my deep gratitude to you for the work you are doing. I am again considering a translation effort for people who have difficulties with english." -Solna, SWEDEN


"We are so happy to have found this community of artists and planet shift shapers. Blessings Doubled to You!" -Wayne & Bo


"From the bottom of my heart - thank you for sharing your wisdom and Love. Keep up the awesome learnings and teachings!" -Russellville, AR

"To me, the Dreamspell Calendar is a map; a map through time leading straight to my dreams. It has become the central connecting source of all the information and ideas I've gathered over many years. And I feel it is the very thing I had been searching for all my life. We truly are One; one harmonious, integrated system and the Dreamspell brings that reality home on a daily basis. But most of all, the Dreamspell has added the missing element of magic to this reality and has made the future so much brighter." -Christina, Ohio

"It's only been a few days since I've been looking at the calendar, coloring the 'tribes' and 'tones' for each day, and I already feel a more intense inner guidance. It's so wonderful to feel a part of nature - a cycle within a cycle of Creation -Electric Dragon


"I have learned a lot from your calendar and the clear systematic way you teach. Thank you." -Midlothian, VA

"Fellow skytime on this beloved planet... HOW DARING the work of you, 13moon in cooperation with Valum Votan and Red Queen cannot be expressed by me... It brings me to the sense that love and wisdom are reunited..." -S'ace, Holland
"I have enjoyed your calendars over the past 2 years and appreciate the creative design, the background knowledge, and of course the 13 Moon paradigm that supports Jose Arguelles' equation of 'Time factored by energy equals Art.' Thanks for your time and energies, and the great work you are doing." -Santa Clara, UT


"Your message is right on time." -Beau, White Magnetic Dog
"Beautiful Beings, Thank you, as YOU-US, for your passionate presence to all cosmic kin smiling laughing hugging our sunstar home and tending the seeds of galactic flowers long ago planted... what a celebration in the making! Bless your wings!"- Aya


"Thank you so much for your continued brightness in the skies over us all. Your insights are priceless treasures." -Chris, Hawaii

"The Calendar is breathtaking, the images are absolutely stunning. I really feel the inspiration of your tireless work, and I am very honored to have the opportunity to spread the word here to the best of my ability. Thank you so much, you are valuable and inspiring members of Earth community and I wish to encourage you and all those who contribute to the 13 moon calendar to continue in this light, so that many can be inspired to awaken into the Natural Time Frequency. In Lak'ech" - Elohisa, Australia


"Thank you for the great work and product!" -Syracuse, NY

"Thanks for your continued assistance and education about the Galactic calendar!" -Albiquiu, NM

"Thank you for providing these beautiful calendars to me the past several years. I am well into transition and know the world is changing by what is happening to me. Blessings on you and yours for what you have done." -William, New York

"I appreciate you and the Galactic Calendars. I work with Sacred Geometry so the calendars really speak to me." -Mikhaela
"The calendars are beautifully done with original artwork, with much care and thought into each annual edition. The guidance for each day supports me personally in setting intentions and aligning with the energy of each day." -Karen, AZ
"Thank you for your work on behalf of creating and distributing the calendars." -Patachogue, NY

"I want to thank you very much for your information on the Galactic calendar. I'm very grateful that I have this information. This is a great service to our planet and our collective healing. The relationships to all of life and nature are so synchronistic it cannot be denied any longer. We can heal if we all embrace this teaching. Thanking you with all my heart..." -Sheryl

"Your work is centering and important. Time keeper, Zuvuya dreamer..." -Blue Crystal Eagle

"Enjoying your writing is irresistible to this organism! Clearly valuable, your offering brings forward certain peripheral thoughts & awareness(es) of my own... My Aloha!" -Erica, Hawaii

"Ever since we started following the calendar we realized, Oh my God WHAT ARE WE DOING ... NOT JUST TO OURSELVES, but to the Mother. To live as one we need a macro organizing flow to sync us to the one Mind, and oozing out of the one mind are tiny little reflections of light. They are sent to organize for the one great peace, they incarnated into the beings of the earth and tree people and all living creatures. WE are many in body, one in mind (principle of Ishu Funi Japanese Buddhism). We are the peacemakers, angels of peace, bodhisattvas emerging." -Carlos, Red Spectral Dragon
"Thanks so much for sending my calendars! I am so excited to be here at this time in our evolution! What a privilege it is to be a part of holding the energies of peace and transformation. May we all evolve to a higher level." -Raven, Arizona
"Mesmerized was the sensation I felt when I looked at the NEW Calendar. I felt a Portal opening in my Heart that made me feel grateful and humble to be part of these Great Times. Thank YOU Beautiful Souls for contributing with such passion, art, and committment to our evolutionary process. Your dedication is to be commended! In Lak'ech Ala K'in..." -Australia
"Spending time with the Calendar each day is a particular and powerful joy. I am grateful that life allows such steeping in richness and potential. May all beings receive true teachings and be nurtured by them." -California


"More than a calendar, this is truly a planetary education tool!" -NAPRA Review

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~Calendar Testimonials~

"I feel in rhythm with the heartbeat of life! Thank you so much for making the amazingly powerful, super artistically inspiring calendar available."
– Austin, TX

"This is without a doubt the most beautiful and high-energy calendar on the planet."
– Canton, MI

"Thank you for your absolutely amazing calendar! I've been using them for 2 years now, and they really changed my life!"
– Josh, Blue Resonant Storm

"This calendar is breathtaking, the images are absolutely stunning... Thank you beautiful souls for contributing with such passion, art, and commitment to our evolutionary process."
– Elohisa, Australia

"This year's calendar is supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! Wonderful! I am really enjoying it!"
– Love from Japan

"Thank you for your continued work! We rely on our calendars daily!"
– S & L, USA

"This calendar is phenomenal... so streamlined. Wow wow wow wow! You never cease to amaze me to my core."
– New York, NY

"For those interested in furthering their spiritual growth, I highly recommend SkyTime's calendar as a way to free your mind into the higher frequencies that are available on the planet right now."
– Lake Oswego, OR

"Your calendar is so helpful and laid out so well! We learn something new each time we open it."
– Golden Radiance, NM

"A lucid, artful presentation of fascinating information... the foundational tool for living and learning the science of time... wonderful explanations, and a beautiful design for daily awareness."
– Oakland, CA

"There is so much positive energy in the calendar you produce - it comes to life just when you need it!"
– Wellington, New Zealand

"The soul of the universe speaks to me each time I interact with my calendar."
– Portland, OR

"It is a priceless tool for self reflection and evolution. I am very thankful for it!"
– Hilary

"This calendar is awesome!!! Thank you so much for your fabulous contribution to our planet's well-being!"
– Lucia

"Loving the Calendar each and everyday. WHAT A TOOL! What a gift!"
– Blue Solar Eagle, California

"Thank you for this wonderful addition to my life!"
– Lake Mills, WI

"Your calendars are always so beautiful. The artwork is galactivated and the wisdom is shared with compassionate understanding."
– Tuscon, AZ

"I've been using your calendars for the past 10 years. This has been a tremendous resource, and I am so grateful you have provided this."
– Billy, NM

"I have been working with The Galactic Calendar since 1992. It's a remarkable tool, beyond measure."
– Martha, White Self-Existing Dog

"SkyTime has an enchanting way of downloading galactic wisdom with simplicity, clarity and artistry."
– San Francisco, CA

"Thanks sooo much. Your calendar has indeed, been a blessing to me."
– Oxnard, CA

"Thank you for sharing the magic, mystery and magnificient art of the Galactic Calendars!"
– Wendy, N.C.

"Thank you for sharing your magical gifts with so many and spreading the restorative forces of 13:20!"
– Arizona, USA

"SkyTime's Calendar is professional, well thought out, and inspiring!"
– Electric Skywalker

"Each year SkyTime produces a calendar that helps expand one's consciousness so that one can assist humanity into the imminent new world."
– Bay Area, CA

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"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."

Joseph Campbell

"Each of us is an artist of the emerging new world, offering the personal beauty of our lives to the One Great Canvas of Life."


"You are not IN the Universe. You ARE the Universe, which IN YOU is awakening, experiencing itself, becoming conscious."

Eckhart Tolle

"For a mind to flower, it has to go beyond what it knows..."

Mother Meera

"We must continuously keep in mind that the world is a collective dream, and that we are engaged in dreaming a new world into being."

Jose Arguelles

"Our mind is part of the Universal Mind. Each mind is connected with every other mind; and each mind, wherever it is located is connected with the whole world and cosmos."

Stephanie South

"The Love in your Heart is the power of all Nature."

Jonathan Goldman

"You are the mysterious potential of the future, already in bloom..."

Eden Sky

"We are the ancestors of the future."

Julia Butterfly Hill

"Each splashing wave of time brings another moment, another doorway, another opening, inviting the awakening children of the Earth..."

Ken Carey

"The more boundless your vision, the more real you are."

Deepak Chopra

"This is the time to remember how to live in ecstatic relationship with natural forces."

Llyn Roberts

"We are multi-dimensional beings, remembering our place amongst the stars..."

Louis Pascal

"Let your soul work in harmony with the universal intelligence, as your breath does with the air."

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